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Consumers of banking services represent an important element of Citibank's global business. In fact, the Global Consumer Bank consistently contributes nearly half of our total annual corporate net income. In Hong Kong, as around the entire globe, Citibank's consumer business seeks to serve an internationally aware, performance-demanding customer base, with a constantly developing range of banking, loan, deposit and investment products, etc., delivered through service of the very highest quality.

Citibank delivers Global Consumer Banking directly to its Hong Kong customer portfolio through 18 branches and our remote banking access channels, which include a 24-hour CitiPhone Banking Centre and PC Banking. The essence of this operation is to provide a customer experience which is relationship based rather than product driven, and which is consistent and seamless from branch to branch, country to country.

Product innovation is also important. Two new funds - the Balanced Growth Fund and the Income Fund have recently been launched under 'CitiSelect Portfolios' which make use of Citibank's global expertise in asset allocation and fund management to maximise investors' money. Customer can also choose to invest in 'CitiFund Savings Plan' which is a long term wealth accumulation tool to serve both saving and investment needs. With 'Citibank Ready Credit', customer can make use of its unsecured revolving credit facilities to grasp opportunities. Citibank Direct Access... The Citibank Card business is one of the market leading players in the dynamically competitive credit card business in Hong Kong. Citibank was the first in Hong Kong to introduce the Platinum Card which features the premium benefits, services and credit limits that appeal to the affluent.

Citibank proudly announced the launch of its SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) Mall in mid Dec, 97, which is also the first bank in Hong Kong. With your credit card, you can now do on-line shopping securely on the internet.

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