Make payment in any foreign currency using WorldLink

WorldLink Payment Services  is a complete cross-border payment system serving corporations and financial institutions worldwide. It provides a convenient, reliable and cost-effective way of making payments in countries around the world in the currencies of the countries.

How does it work?

  • Information and instructions are accepted via multiple methods, including PC-based software (both DOS and Windows versions), SWIFT and electronic file transfer.
  • WorldLink encompasses both draft (cheque) and electronic transfer capabilities through WorldLink Cheque, WorldLink Remote Cheque and WorldLink Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • The WorldLink software is both PC, Internet and SWIFT based.
  • Multiple security levels including data encryption, Des gold generated dynamic passwords and ID assigned authorization.
  • WorldlLink Check allows you to draft a foreign currency check at your own office, allowing you to control the entire issuance process from production through mailing.
  • WorldLink Remote Cheque is a foreign currency payment cheque drafted by Citibank’s operations center in Buffalo, New York or London
  • WorldLink Electronic Funds Transfer is the issuance of payment details to Citibank so that Citibank can initiate an electronic transfer of foreign currency to a beneficiary

What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility: Issue or request payments in up to 100 currencies, including the Euro, from you own offices. Available payment types include on-site cheques, remote cheques, funds transfers and international ACH. Foreign exchange is integrated into the payment processing cycle for maximum ease.
  • Convenience: With this one product, you can handle virtually all of your foreign currency payment needs. We estimate that 95% of international cross-border transactions are covered by currencies included in WorldLink.
  • Control: Because you use your own IBM-compatible personal computer and the WorldLink Payment Services software, you have total control over your payment requests. You place payment orders at your convenience. For regularly sent transfers, you can maintain a database of predefined transaction information to further simplify payment request preparation. Through the reach of Citibank’s global network, you can view and print daily reconcilement in every currency, up-to-date cheque status information, automatic replenishment of cheque stock and immediate stop payments for most currencies.
  • Dedicated Client Support: As a Citibank client you are assured of the highest levels of customer service. Full support is provided for implementation as well as on an on-going basis to ensure a smooth functioning of your foreign currency payment system.
  • Established Service Provider: Citibank is a worldwide leader in the cross-border payment and collection services industry. Citibank is continually building upon its advanced processing systems, global banking presence and integrated communications network to offer an edge in international cash management.


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