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Make your transactions or withdraw money even if its late at night, with your CitiBank transaction card. Theres no reason to worry about not being able to get the bank on time,
or running out of cash.

Our ATM network is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can withdraw cash
or make your transactions (i.e. transfer money between accounts) using your Citibank card and your pin.

Also, if you travel abroad, please note that all Citibank ATMs feature transactions and services
in Greek.

Aside from cash withdrawals, you can use our in-branch ATMs for other transactions, such as:

  • All-in-one account statement
  • Account transactions
  • Instant transfer of funds between accounts
  • Instant transfer of funds to third-party Citibank accounts.
  • Instant transfer of funds to Citibank accounts abroad.
  • Transfer of funds to accounts in other banks in Greece.
  • Payment of loan instalment*
  • Payment of credit card instalments for Visa, Mastercard and Diners Club cards.
  • Cash deposit in your personal account(s).
  • Change of PIN for your Citibank card or any of your credit cards.

Also, by using your Citibank card and your PIN, you can withdraw money or make transactions at any Citibank or DIAS network ATMs throughout Greece.


* With cash deposit or transfer from another account


Request automatic bill payment today.


Places where Citibank ATMs can be found;


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