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Citiphone Banking

Banking transactions with personal telephone service by calling 210 929-0000 or 801.11.12484
with local phone charges for all of Greece.

By simply providing your Citibank Card Citi Debit and your Personal Telephone Code you will be able to make the following transactions:

  • Remittances in Greece and abroad and transfer money into other bank accounts
  • Make payments on your Diners Club, Citibank Visa, Citibank ╠asterCard cards as well as your phone bill (¤ď┼)
  • Give payment authorization for your Diners Club, Citibank Visa, Citibank ╠asterCard credit cards, as well as your phone (OTE), electricity (DEH), water (EYDAP) and WIND mobile phone bills, and for other companies/organizations like OTE
  • Receive information regarding your time deposit account
  • Receive information regarding detailed transactions which you have made in the last 3 months, for all your Citibank bank accounts and products, as well as immediate mail delivery of your last statement after the statement
    has been issued
  • Order checkbooks
  • Obtain information regarding all Citibank services and products
  • Inform of any changes in mailing address and telephone numbers
  • Check your Loan Balances
  • Give authorization for delivery of receipts for loan payment or for tax purposes
  • Card Activation for Citi Debit
  • Lost report of Citi Debit


Credit Card Transactions through personal telephone service by calling - 210.929-0100
(Visa / Mastercard) or Ů 210.9290200 (Diners).

By simply providing your Credit Card number (Visa / Mastercard / Diners) and after being authenticated, you will be able to make the following transactions:

  • Declare card loss / theft
  • Inform of any changes in mailing address
  • Receive information regarding your card balance
  • Receive information regarding your account transactions
  • Receive information regarding transactions made after the issuance of your statement
  • Receive information regarding your pending balance instalments
  • Receive information regarding credit card payment methods
  • Receive information regarding reward programs
  • Receive information regarding collaborating companies
  • Receive information regarding purchase plans with monthly instalments
  • Receive information regarding insurance plans
  • Option of re-issuance of your last 3 issued statements
  • Option of transaction disputes
  • Card activation
  • Issuance & Activation of PIN number


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Citibank International Plc has transferred its consumer banking business in Greece to ┴lpha Bank A.E.
Citi trademarks are used temporarily under license.

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