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Screen Keyboard


What is a screen keyboard?
One of the most common security threats is from malicious software that records your keystrokes and sends them to fraudster. This malicious software is called a "keyboard logger". By having a screen keyboard where you enter your password with your mouse instead of typing it in the likelihood that your details can be obtained this way is greatly eliminated. We also recommend that you should have up-to-date anti-virus and firewall software at the same time. A firewall will alert you if there is an attempt to write malicous software to your PC.
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What are the advantages of using a screen keyboard?
Screen Keyboard will be an additional tool to increase the security of your logon credentials and will protect internet banking users from the risk of key loggers and screen capturing virus that might have been installed onto your personal computers intentionally or unintentionally.
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When does the screen keyboard appear?
It only appears when you enter your details into the password field (or ATM PIN field whenever needed). It does not appear as you enter your User Name.
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Why is screen keyboard being displayed on different coordinates of the screen at every logon?
Screen keyboard is displayed at different coordinates of the screen every time you logon. This is a precaution to prevent the fraudulent attempts of the "keyboard logger" programs that are used to obtain logon details through static coordinates. The screen keyboard can also be dragged to a required location on the logon page using the bar on top.
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The keys on the screen keyboard are too small. Can I make them larger?
Yes. You will find the "Enlarge" icon near the top right hand corner of the screen keyboard. Click the icon and a different version of the keyboard with bigger buttons will appear. If you need even further magnification then use the Windows Accessibility magnifier to enlarge the keyboard even further.
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I can't see some items on the page because they are hidden behind the screen keyboard.
You will notice an icon at the top of the screen keyboard and a text saying: "Drag the bar to move the keyboard". If you click down and hold then drag your mouse around the page, the screen keyboard will follow your mouse movements. Move the keyboard into a position that suits you.
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How do I make the screen keyboard disappear once I have entered my details?
You can either simply click in another field on the page or click the Enter key on the right hand side of the keyboard and the keyboard will disappear.

Figure 1: The Enter Key on the screen keyboard.

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The screen keyboard doesn't appear when I try to enter my password.
In this case, click the "Cancel" link on the Sign On page to close this window. Then click the Sign On button to open the Citibank Online window and try again. And if you are using Internet Explorer as the browser, please make sure the version is at least 5.5.
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