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Citibank Online

Benefits and Features

Citibank Online is just such a connection. Whatever you need to do is done, instantly.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from wherever you are in the world, Citibank Online gives you complete control over your finances. And it’s secure and simple to use.

  • Puts you in control
    From getting information for your accounts, to transferring money and setting up standing orders, or paying your cards, Citibank Online allows you to manage your money, your way.

  • Saves you time
    If you want something done you just go online and do it, quickly and easily.

  • It’s convenient
    Need to see a balance or cancel a transfer? You can, at any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Secure
    Our Citibank Online features a range of security measures, so you can enjoy total peace of mind.

  • Low cost
    Most services of Citibank Online are offered at no charge. In addition, it offers you a range of services at a very low cost. Click here for more details.



So, what does Citibank Online actually provide for you? As you’ll see below, with 24 x 7 online banking you can perform a range of tasks, making managing your finances as simple and convenient as possible.

  • Check balance summaries
    and running totals.

  • Download account information
    to use with Quicken©, Excel and Microsoft® Money.

  • Set up standing orders and payees

  • See/cancel standing orders.

  • Transfer money between own accounts or other banks in Greece.

  • Pay your Citibank & Diners cards or credit cards of other Greek banks.

  • Order checkbooks.

  • Pay your bills

  • Change your User Name, Password or ATM PIN.
  • Safety

    Citibank is recognized as a pioneer in electronic banking services. Citibank Online Internet banking is one of the most comprehensive and safest online banking services available. The technology Citibank uses in Citibank Online ensures maximum safety in your banking transactions. Citibank Online offers three levels of security to help safeguard your financial information:

    Steps we have taken to safeguard your account

    • Strong 128 bit encryption
      This means that all data sent or received is scrambled while travelling between our computer and yours and reassembled at the other end. You won't be able to use Citibank Online unless you have a browser that supports strong encryption.

    • Secure Sign On
      When you register, you select a User Name, a Password and your personal challenge questions. To do this, you must enter your ATM PIN along with your Citibank Card Number to verify your identity. After initial registration, each time you Sign On you will only require your User Name, Password and answer a challenge question. We recommend that you change your password from time to time to reduce the chance that someone can obtain your details and access your account. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions.

    • Screen Keyboard
      For even further protection when you enter security information such as your password, instead of using your PC keyboard, you “type” the password by clicking characters on a keyboard on the screen. This approach is intended to reduce the risk that malicious software is secretly trying to obtain your password by capturing your keystrokes.

    • Time Out period
      If your computer is inactive for twenty minutes, then a Time Out facility is triggered to help protect you against unauthorised access. The Time Out message will pop up on your screen. If you do not click the OK button Citibank Online will automatically terminate your session after a further minute. If you don't wish to terminate your session, simply click Cancel instead.


    Steps you should take for your own security

    • Never tell anyone your User Name, Password or ATM PIN.
      Citibank will never ask you for these over the telephone, or in any electronic or written message.

    • Never write down your User Name, Password, or ATM PIN, especially on your Citibank Card, computer or computer materials.

    • Remember to Sign Off when you finish a session and if you’re using the service at work, never leave your computer with your details on screen.

    • Tell us immediately if you think someone knows your Password, or ATM PIN by calling Citiphone.

    • Never lend your Citibank Card to anyone and be extremely wary if strangers approach you while you are using it.


    I have added Citibank Online in my “Favorites”, but when I select it, Citibank Online window does not appear.
    When we introduced the new sign on platform, Citibank Online Internet address has changed. So, please try again, starting from our web site home page and clicking the Sign On Citibank Online link at the right top corner.


    Are there any charges to use the service?
    There are no software, or set up fees. What you have to pay for, if applicable, is the cost of connecting to the Internet. Most services are offered for free. For details regarding charges of specific services, please click here.


    When can I use the service?
    Anytime you like. It's available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week (although some transactions may not be available during system updates).


    What services and transactions are available through Citibank Online?
  • See up-to-date account information
  • View and print balance summaries and account activity
  • Verify deposits and withdrawals
  • View and print details of transactions of last three months
  • Ôransfers & Payments
  • You can use Citibank Online to pay someone directly into their Citibank account or another Bank in Greece rather than sending a cheque. To do this you will need their account number. You can also pay bills (ÏÔÅ, ÉÊÁ, ÏÁÅÅ, FPA), as well as your Citibank credit card accounts. And naturally you can review and cancel the pending payments you have set up.
  • Set up new Payees and Standing Orders instantly
  • You can specify a personal payee list of up to 99 people or organizations. You can make amendments to your list at any time. You can select from a pre-defined list of major Payees (such as OTE, IKA, ÏÁÅÅ, FPA) for which we hold details or otherwise specify any other payees. Standing Orders are easy to set up and change online. With Citibank Online you can change the amount, frequency, and date or cancel any existing Standing Order in seconds.

    New payees should be activated through Citiphone first, before performing any payments to them. For more information regarding Payee activation, please click here.
  • Download account information
  •  for use with Quicken© or Microsoft™ Money
  • Order a new cheque book
  • Change your sign on details (User Name, Password) and ATM PIN

    Can I use Citibank Online with Quicken©, Microsoft™ Money or Microsoft™Excel?
    Yes, simply visit the 'Download Account Activity' section within Citibank Online.


    Can I print from Citibank Online?
    Yes, so that you can keep paper records as well.


    My User Name has suddenly disappeared from the Sign On Page pull down list - why is that?
    The login information is stored in a secure cookie on your PC. This information over time can be over-written as you visit other websites that need cookies too. Especially with the Netscape browser, the new cookies will replace cookies already existing on your PC. Netscape saves the information as cookies in a file that is limited in size. When the limit is reached, Netscape starts deleting older cookies from the file to make room for new ones coming in.


    To which Banks can I transfer money through Citibank Online?
    The Banks to which you can transfer money through Citibank Online are the following:



    ALPHA BANK                         




    EFG EUROBANK ÅRGASIAS              



    MILLENIUM BANK                         

    ASPIS BANK                         


    ABN-AMRO BANK                      






    Using Citibank Online with Internet Explorer 7
    See below the suggested settings for Internet Explorer 7 when using Citibank Online in order to avoid any problems when signing on.

    IE7 > Tools > Internet Options

    IE7 > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy

    IE7 > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced


    What information do I need to register to Citibank Online?
    The information you need in order to register to Citibank Online is your Citi Card Number*, a bank account number linked to it and your ÁÔÌ PIN. In case you don’t have a Citi Card, you can register using your Credit Card number, the CVV2 number and your ATM PIN. During registration, you will need to set up a User Name and Password, as well as to answer to five challenge questions. From then on your User Name, Password and an answer to one of your challenge questions is all that is required to Sign On.

    * Provided you have activated Citibank Online through Citiphone (210 9290 190) or in one of our branches.


    Do we have to register to use Citibank Online?
    Yes. This enables you to specify a User Name and Password to use for Sign On. Please note all users will need to register for Citibank Online in order to obtain a User Name and Password. From then on, customers will enter the User Name and Password to Sign On instead of CitiCard Number and ATM PIN.


    Why do I have to select a user name and password?
    Selecting a User Name and Password is entirely an additional convenience and customization enhancement for Citibank Online customer logon. In addition, your User Name is selected and known only to you, unlike your CitiCard Number, which can be lost or stolen.


    Will I still need to use my Citibank card number and ATM PIN to sign on?
    No. You'll not need to use your CitiCard Number and ATM PIN as long as you try to access Citibank Online with correct User Name and Password.

    However, you will be asked to validate yourself whenever you forget your User Name or Password.


    What is the difference between the ATM PIN and the password that will be used along with the user name?
    The ATM PIN that you have been using to logon to Citibank Online can also be used to access ATMs. However, the new password that you'll be creating along with the User Name will only be used to access internet banking services. ATM PINs will continue to be used for ATM access.


    I do not have or I have forgotten my ATM PIN
    It is important that you know your ATM PIN because you will use it while defining your User Name and Password. Please visit a Citibank Branch to issue or reset your PIN.


    I do not remember my bank account number.
    You can find your bank account number(s) in Citi Statement or by calling Citiphone.


    What happens if I forget my user name and password?
    You can request for a reminder of your User Name through the initial sign on screen by clicking on the Forgot User Name link. After this, you can then reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the initial sign on screen.

    For reminding you your User Name you will be asked to enter your Citicard number and ATM PIN.

    While resetting your password, you'll also be asked to enter your Challenge Question answers you defined during registration.


    What happens if I forget my user name?
    You can request for a reminder of your User Name through the initial Sign on screen by clicking on the Forgot User Name link where you'll be asked to enter your CitiCard Number and ATM PIN.


    What happens if I forget my password?
    You can reset your password by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the initial sign on screen. You'll first be asked to validate yourself by entering your User Name, CitiCard Number and ATM PIN. And before resetting your password, you'll also be asked to enter your Challenge Question answers you defined during registration.


    What happens if I have forgotten my user name, password and the answers to my challenge questions?
    1. You can request for a reminder of your User Name through the initial Sign on screen by clicking on the Forgot User Name link where you'll be asked to enter your CitiCard Number and ATM PIN.

    2. Then, you can reset your password and challenge questions the initial Sign on screen by clicking on the Unlock your User Name link where you will be asked to enter your Citicard Number, ATM PIN and the number of one of your accounts.


    I am in the process of resetting my password and have forgotten the answers to my security questions.
    If you fail to correctly answer your security questions, your account will be locked. To unlock your account, Click Citibank Online in the Sign on section of the Citibank home page and click on the link "Do you need to unlock your User Name?" You will be required to enter your User Name, Citibank Card Number, ATM PIN and your Account Number.


    I tried to sign on using my user name and password then received a message saying "invalid card number or ATM PIN" - why?
    You will receive this message under the following circumstances:
  • Your CitiCard has expired. You should already have received a new card. If not, please contact CitiPhone at 210 9290 000 or 801 11 12484.
  • You reported your CitiCard as lost or stolen. If you have not done so, please contact CitiPhone to request for a new card.

    What is One-Time PIN (OTP)?
    It’s a 6 digit number which is sent automatically via SMS to your mobile phone, every time you want to login to Citibank Online or Citi Mobile.


    What should I do if I haven’t registered my mobile phone or it is not correct?
    Call Citiphone at 210 9290 190 in order to register your mobile, or visit a Citibank branch.


    How many times can I login to Citibank Online or Citi Mobile using the same One-Time PIN (OTP)?
    Only once. Each time you log in, a new OTP is automatically sent to your mobile. Each OTP remains active for 5 minutes. You can always ask for a new one, by pressing the “Resend OTP” button in the OTP Authentication screen, or login again.


    What if I give wrong OTP more than 3 times?
    In this case, your profile is locked and you need to unlock it by selecting “Change Password” from Citibank Online home page, through your PC.


    What isFlash SMS;
    It’s a type of SMS which, provided your mobile device supports it, it automatically opens onto the screen of your mobile phone, allowing you to read it immediately, without wasting time looking for it in your incoming messages.


    Is it possible to link several mobile phone numbers to a single profile in Citibank Online?
    This functionality is not currently available.


    What foreign mobile operators are available for One-Time PIN in Citibank Online?
    List of all foreign mobile operators available for One-Time PIN in Citibank Online you can find here.


    What types of alerts messages can come in the Flash format?
    Flash format of alerts is supported in case of:
    - Forgetting your Password for Citibank Online
    - Changing your Password to access Citibank Online


    What for do I need flash format of SMS?
    The new format of messages allows to simplify usage of One-Tme PINs: flash sms pops up immediately and you do not waste time on viewing sms.
    - flash sms is deleted automatically and it does not overflow memory of the phone and SIM card
    - some models have option “save” flash sms in accordance with your desire.


    What should you do if your mobile phone does not support Flash SMS?
    If mobile phone does not support flash format you would receive a standard SMS message.


    What should you do if flash SMS is accidentally closed, until you enter the PIN?
    You can require fot a new One-Time PIN by pressing the “Re-send One-Time PIN” option in the relevant screen, or by re-entering User Name and Password.


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