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How can I access Citi Mobile?
Citi Mobile for Smartphones

To access Citi Mobile Banking, simply visit on your mobile phone browser.
Then, simply sign on with your existing Citibank Online username and password.

Citi Mobile Ápp for iPhone® or iPod touch®

If your device is an iPhone® or iPod touch®, then you can download the relevant application and enjoy a unique experience. For more information regarding Citi Mobile Apps click here.

Citi Mobile App for Blackberry®

  • From your mobile device send an SMS with the word "MOB" to 19129 (charges are 0,11 euro including VAT, M-STAT). You will receive a reply SMS with the link to download the application.
  • If you are reading these instructions from your Blackberry® please click the link below:

Citi Mobile App for Android™
  • From your Android™ device, by searching Citibank GR in Android Market.

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. iTunes Store® is a registered service mark of Apple Inc. App StoreSM is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc., an entity non-affiliated with Citigroup Inc.)"
"Blackberry® is owned by Research In Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. Citigroup Inc. is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited."

What services are available on Citi Mobile?
With Citi Mobile you can:
  • View balances in checking, savings, credit card, time deposits, and investment products
  • Pay your Citibank Credit Cards and other Greek banks' credit cards
  • Pay your bills
  • Transfer money between own accounts or other banks in Greece*
  • Transfer money globally at Citibank -real time- in more than 25 countries
  • See available offers for credit cards
  • Find nearby ATMs and branches and contact Customer Service with one touch (supported in Apps only)
*You can pay bills and transfer funds to payees you have previously registered through Citibank Online.
Do I need to pay additional charges for using Citi Mobile?
Only regular account charges apply as in Citibank Online. Citibank does not charge you a fee for using Citi Mobile. However, you must have a web-enabled cell or smart phone to use Citi Mobile, and your wireless carrier may charge you for this service. Citi Mobile Banking is free of charge. However, you may incur charges with your mobile internet connection depending on the service plan of your telecommunication provider.
Do I need to use any particular telecommunication provider?
Citi Mobile is available with all telecommunication providers.
Can I access Citi Mobile on any mobile handsets?
Citi Mobile can be accessed by almost all smart phones. Handsets with unsecured connections cannot access Citi Mobile, even if they have access to mobile internet.
Why should I use Citi Mobile instead of Citibank Online on my mobile phone?
Citi Mobile is tailor-made for mobile handsets. The streamlined website design allows you to enjoy our banking services with ease via your mobile handset. Citibank Online is best viewed through the PC because the screen is too large and heavy to be accommodated on mobile phone screens.
Why is the connection to Citi Mobile sometimes very slow?
The mobile internet connection speed of mobile handsets varies depending on different factors, such as location, network coverage, service provider, connection type and handset model. The streamlined website design of Citi Mobile is tailor-made to help reduce the loading time.
Is Citi Mobile secure?
We have deployed various security measures to safeguard your information. It is as safe as our online banking services:  

1. The website is protected with strong encryption (128-bit Secure Sockets Layer) for access and transactions.

2. Access is protected by personalized Username & Password.

3. The online session will be automatically terminated after idling for 5 minutes, which prevents unauthorized use of your session by anyone else.
Moreover, Citi Mobile doesn't store any personal account information on your smart phone, so your accounts are secure if your phone is ever lost or stolen.
Can I access Citi Mobile abroad?
Yes, you can access Citi Mobile anywhere you have a mobile internet connection via your mobile handset.
I don't have a Citibank Online Username and Password for online banking. What should I do?
Please visit Citibank Online User Guide to see how you can create User Name and Password. If you're a bank customer, you will need your Citi Debit Card number, ATM PIN and account number. If you're a credit card customer, you will need your Credit card number, ATM PIN and CVV2 number.
How can I create my Citi Mobile Username and Password?
You do not need to create a separate Citi Mobile Username and Password. Just use your existing Citibank Online username and password.
If I go to through my cell phone, can I create my Citi Mobile Username and Password?
We strongly recommend creating you User Name and Password through your PC and not through your cell phone.
I forgot my Username. What shall I do?
You can request for a reminder of your User Name through the initial Sign on screen of Citibank Online, by clicking on the Forgot User Name link where you'll be asked to enter your Citi/Debit Card Number and ATM PIN.
I forgot my Password. What shall I do?
You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the initial "Sign On" screen of Citibank Online. You'll first be asked to validate yourself by entering your User Name, Citi/Debit Card Number and ATM PIN. And before resetting your password, you'll also be asked to enter two of your Challenge Question answers, that you defined during registration.
Can I change my Username and Password through Citi Mobile?
This option is only available through Citibank Online. You may change your Username and Password after you sign on to Citibank Online through your personal computer.
What is One-Time PIN (OTP)?
It's a 6 digit number which is sent automatically via SMS to your mobile phone, every time you want to login to Citibank Online or Citi Mobile.
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What should I do if I haven't registered my mobile phone or it is not correct?
Call Citiphone at 210 9290 190 in order to register your mobile, or visit a Citibank branch.
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How many times can I login to Citibank Online or Citi Mobile using the same One-Time PIN (OTP)?
Only once. Each time you log in, a new OTP is automatically sent to your mobile. Each OTP remains active for 5 minutes. You can always ask for a new one, by pressing the "Resend OTP" button in the OTP Authentication screen, or login again.
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What if I give wrong OTP more than 3 times?
In this case, your profile is locked and you need to unlock it by selecting "Change Password" from Citibank Online home page, through your PC.
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What isFlash SMS;
It's a type of SMS which, provided your mobile device supports it, it automatically opens onto the screen of your mobile phone, allowing you to read it immediately, without wasting time looking for it in your incoming messages.
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Is it possible to link several mobile phone numbers to a single profile in Citibank Online?
This functionality is not currently available.
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What foreign mobile operators are available for One-Time PIN in Citibank Online?
List of all foreign mobile operators available for One-Time PIN in Citibank Online you can find here.
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What types of alerts messages can come in the Flash format?
Flash format of alerts is supported in case of:
- Forgetting your Password for Citibank Online
- Changing your Password to access Citibank Online
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What for do I need flash format of SMS?
The new format of messages allows to simplify usage of One-Tme PINs: flash sms pops up immediately and you do not waste time on viewing sms.
- flash sms is deleted automatically and it does not overflow memory of the phone and SIM card
- some models have option "save" flash sms in accordance with your desire.
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What should you do if your mobile phone does not support Flash SMS?
If mobile phone does not support flash format you would receive a standard SMS message.
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What should you do if flash SMS is accidentally closed, until you enter the PIN?
You can require fot a new One-Time PIN by pressing the "Re-send One-Time PIN" option in the relevant screen, or by re-entering User Name and Password.
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