Citibank Alerts Service - FAQs

1. Can any additional credit card holders be registered for the Citibank Alerts service?
No, the Citibank Alerts service is available only to the primary credit card holders.

2. In case my credit card is lost/stolen/upgraded, is there anything I have to do in order to continue being registered for the Citibank Alerts service?
When you report that your card has been lost/stolen/upgraded, the Bank makes sure that the current information of your card is provided to the Citibank Alerts service, so that you don't have to do anything.  It may take 2-3 days from the time you receive your new card, in order to continue receiving messages.

3. How can I cancel my Citibank Alerts service subscription?
You may cancel it either by calling Citiphone or personally through Citibank Online.

4. Which bank accounts may be included in my Citibank Alerts service registration?
All saving and current accounts, provided they are active.  Time deposits and/or investment accounts cannot be included in the Citibank Alerts service registration.

5. How can I change the information entered for receiving the messages (mobile phone number and/or e-mail address)?
In order to change the information entered for receiving the messages, you should call Citiphone and ask for the relative changes or on your own through Citibank Online.

6. I have used my credit card or there has been an activity to my account, but I haven't received any messages (either SMS or email or both).  Why?
Receiving email and/or SMS messages may not be effected or may be delayed due to technical problems of your telecommunications services provider.
Other possible reasons might be:
(i) the "inbox" of your email or mobile phone has exceeded its capacity
(ii) there is no mobile phone network coverage for a specific geographical location (either within Greece or abroad) by your telecommunications services provider
(iii) a recent request for the portability of your mobile phone number has not yet been completed
(iv) you have applied SPAM message detection rules without excluding Citibank as an acceptable sender.

Some standing orders for the payment of bills through your card (such as Alico), that do not require an authorization by Citibank, do not "generate" messages.  So, you don't receive messages when such a debit is made.

7. I have received an SMS message at an inappropriate time (e.g. very late at night)
Citibank Alerts service messages are sent in the following way:
(i) messages concerning purchases and/or other card transactions, such as standing orders for the payment of bills, and requiring authorization by Citibank, are sent 24 hours a day. Information messages that notify you about your card statement issuance, remind you of your due date, inform you that you are close to reaching your credit limit or that your credit limit has been increased, are sent between 09:00 am and 11:00 pm
(ii) information messages concerning your bank account balance or the use of your overdraft limit, are also sent between 09:00 am and 11:00 pm, while all other messages concerning money transactions are sent 24 hours a day.

8. Until recently, the messages I received were in Greek. Suddenly, I have started receiving them in English.  What has happened?
This, or the opposite, might happen, if you have signed on to the English version of Citibank Online and have visited the alerts webpage. The system recognizes the language you are most comfortable with and adapts to it. When you sign on to the Greek version, the problem will be resolved.

9. What is the charging for Citibank Alerts Service?
The subscription for Citibank & Diners Cards Alerts service is €1.00 per month per card for all Citibank Visa, Citibank MasterCard and Diners Club cards and will be charged in card's account, except for Citibank Platinum Visa and Diners Club Prestige cards for which the service is free. The monthly subscription for the Citibank Banking Alerts service will be charged to the bank account according to customer's instructions at the time of registration, and is €1.00 for consumer and €3.00 for corporate customers, apart from CitiGold / CitiSelect customers for who the service is for free. The subscription to Citibank Banking Alerts service is renewed automatically every year.