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Diners Club Greece – UNICEF:
10 Year Celebration of Successful Collaboration & Social Contribution


Athens, October 22, 2013.

Diners Club Greece and UNICEF celebrated, in a special event yesterday, the completion of a 10-year successful collaboration, signifying respective years of social contribution for the protection of children in local and international level.
Mr. Lambros Kanellopoulos, President of UNICEF Greek Committee, and Mr. Grant Carson, Citi Country Officer Greece, addressed welcoming speeches to Diners Club customers and thanked them for their contribution to UNICEF’s humanitarian work through Diners Club products. Fotini Darra and Dimitris Papadimitriou performed live at the event.
The famous artists Fotini Darra and award-winning Dimitris Papadimitriou presented a special performance that created plethora of emotions.  Fotini Darra is the “Global Parent” of two kids from the respective UNICEF program and Dimitris Papadimitriou is for years now very close to UNICEF.

The Diners Club supports UNICEF through 3 contributing pillars:

-The vaccination of children in developing countries: Vaccination against measles has been possible for more than 14,000,000 children through the use of Diners Club UNICEF card. The vaccination program is supported by offering 0,5% for each purchase made with the Diners Club card without extra charge to the card holder.

-“I contribute” program which has been implemented since 2010 supports UNICEF’s program by providing medical and educational help to children from developing countries, improving their access to health and education. By choosing to set up a standing order of €5 or €10 per month, Diners Club cardholders support UNICEF’s program. 

- School equipment donation: Every year since the beginning of “I contribute” program, Diners Club donates UNICEF school supplies to children from Child Care Foundations all around Greece. Indicatively, in 2013 alone, school supplies were offered to 26 Child Care Foundations. This way the program reinforces both the work of the foundations for the children in Greece and at the same time UNICEF’s work to provide access to education and medical care for children in developing countries.

Mr. Lambros Kanellopoulos, President of UNICEF Greek Committee stated: “Vaccination is one of the most important and most successful UNICEF’s interventions for public health. Diners Club Greece, a loyal ally of the last 10 years to UNICEF’s work, has made the vaccination of millions of children possible. This collaboration positions Diners Club Greece in the first ranks of socially responsible corporations globally, a fact which honors our country and the people who supported the collaboration all these years. I personally, UNICEF and the children wish to thank Diners Club Greece for its undivided support to our work, the simultaneous campaigns to sensitize the public, the organization of local activities and the offer of school supplies to students and Child Care Foundations in Greece. I am sure that this collaboration will continue and become even stronger. I personally commit myself to continuing our joint effort with Diners Club Greece to support and protect the children in Greece and the world, who need us the most at these difficult times.”

Mr. Grant Carson,Citi Greece Country Officer stated: Community action is an important and inseparable part of the Bank’s strategy. Through our cooperation with UNICEF we help the children, the citizens of tomorrow, to grow up in a better environment and this makes us proud. We would like to thank UNICEF Greece for our constructive collaboration as well as our customers without whom this ten year contribution would not have taken place.”


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