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66,000 volunteers at Citi’s Global Community Day. Volunteering events in Athens and Thessaloniki from the employees of Citi Greece.


Athens, July 5, 2013.

For the 8th consequent year, Citi’s Global Community Day was held, with the participation of more than 66,000 Citi volunteers in 95 countries around the world participating in more than 1,200 service projects to benefit local communities.

In Greece, Global Community Day was celebrated on June 28th and June 29th, with 7 actions in Athens and Thessaloniki, where 160 employees volunteered along with their families and friends.

In detail, the 7 actions that took place in both cities were:

  • Hatzikiriakio Institution: the volunteers cleaned up the garden/ surroundings of the Institution from dry grass, to help avoid a fire. They also painted the outside wall of the Institution, cleaning and beautifying the area at the same time.
  • ELEPAP: a group of volunteers helped construct material for the interior decoration of the building hosting the Program of Early Educational and Therapeutic Intervention   of the Special Preschool Education Unit of ELEPAP.
  • Hamogelo tou Paidiou, Melissia warehouse: Volunteers helped with the assortment, organization and storage of food and various household products, which come from donations and support the organizations’ House in Melissia.
  • Hamogelo tou Paidiou, Ilissia workshop: two groups of volunteers made bon bons for weddings and christenings, which will be sold to support the work of the organization.
  • Parnitha: in cooperation with the Forest Protection Volunteers of Attica (Ε.ΔΑΣ.Α), Citi volunteers helped in the repair and maintenance of the Fire Observatory at Mola, Parnitha, which protect the volunteers Fire Fighters during the fire season.
  • Beach Cleaning at Epanomi, Thessaloniki: Citi volunteers cleaned beaches in Epanomi, Thessaloniki, removing waste and preparing the beach for the summer period.

Global Community Day spotlights and reinforces a shared commitment among Citi employees, clients, alumni, family and friends around the world to collaborate and dedicate their time and expertise to local community needs, including literacy and education, housing, environmental stewardship, health and human services, and disaster relief.

Continuing last year’s highly successful actions, this year Citi volunteers contributed more than 300,000 hours of service in 473 cities. They served more than 14,200 meals to the hungry, built 240 houses, and revitalized more than 200 parks, beaches and green spaces.

Grant Carson, CEO of Citi Greece said: “in Citi Greece, we are particularly proud of our participation in this year’s Global Community Day. Volunteerism is one of the most strong and lasting values in Citi Greece’s corporate value. In Greece, voluntary actions support financial education, the protection of the environment, they provide care to the children and the deprived and represent an opportunity for Citi employees to actively show their interest in their community”.


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