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Citi’s program “Economy: Knowledge... with value”.
The ninth year of the program is concluded with an exhibition at Children’s Museum with works from pupils who participated at the program.


Athens, June 4, 2013.

The educational program “Economy: knowledge with value!” was concluded this year after the implementation of 164 educational programs and the participation of 4,000 pupils, being it the 9th consecutive year that this program runs at public and private elementary schools in Attica, powered by Citi’s initiative and contribution, and in collaboration with Hellenic Children’s Museum. For the first time, the conclusion of the program is signaled by the organization of a special exhibition at the Children’s Museum with works of pupils who participated at the program for the year 2012-2013.

As all programs held by the Hellenic Children’s Museum, “Economy: Knowledge... with value” takes place in the form of interactive play and uses creation, from posters, newspapers, products’ packaging till whatever children’s mind can think, for the better understanding of concepts and issues analyzed. Some of these creations will be presented for the first time to the audience, impressing for their creativity and actual proposals for solving issues such as unemployment, economic crisis, poverty etc., as well as for the way that the pupils themselves understand the situation we currently live.

Especially the creations of the students in 5th and 6th grade reveal the most important issues that our society faces today that, in the pupils’ minds. So, while the first years of the program the problems were mostly related to international and primarily in the third world, now they have been replaced by the problems that Greek society is facing. Words and concepts such as economic crisis, unemployment, homelessness, crime and psychological problems are the first that come to the minds of young pupils. Special interest has the extent to which children are exposed to these issues, as they are able to manage and use relevant terminology.

The exhibition takes place at the Children’s Museum (Kydathinaion 14, Plaka) from June 1st until July 14th, with opening hours from Tuesday to Friday 10:00-14:00 and for the weekend 10:00-15:00. Entrance is free for those who wish to watch it.

Regarding “Economy: knowledge... with value!” program

The program “Economy: knowledge... with value!” takes place since 2004 in public and private primary schools in Attica region, powered by Citi’s initiative and contribution, and in collaboration with Hellenic Children’s Museum.

The main goal of the three different school programs conducted –depending on the grade of the elementary school- is to introduce pupils to the basic financial terminology that affects their everyday life, so as to become educated citizens who understand the economic developments and can manage their financials in an efficient manner. Through in-class role playing, constructions and research, pupils realize how households, markets or even the economies of countries operate. Additionally, pupils learn to distinguish “needs” from “desires”, to develop critical thinking on how to manage their pocket money and to collaborate in order to come up with ideas to cope with poverty and unemployment at a country level.

This year, 164 educational programs were organized, giving the opportunity to 4,000 pupils to understand simple financial terms they meet in their everyday life.

Overall, during the 9 years of the program more than 2,150 educational programs have taken place in which 58.000 pupils and 560 Citi’s volunteers have participated. At a global level,  Citi will continue enhancing Financial Education for the next year according to the 10-year commitment of the Bank worldwide.


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