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New research on conditions and prospects of youth employability by Alba Graduate Business School with the initiative of Citi.


Athens, May 13, 2013.

A new, innovative research has just started in Greece on one of the “hottest” crisis issues, on young people’s problems in finding and maintaining a satisfactory job. It is an initiative of Citi Greece, funded by the Citi Foundation, designed and implemented by the Applied Research Dept. of ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece.

The aim of this research is to compose of a reliable and efficient proposition to improve youth employability, which is widely recognized as a prerequisite to reverse the economic climate and navigate through the crisis.

The research consists of field research based on a questionnaire for young graduates, focus groups with HR executives, headhunters and representatives of public and collective bodies, as well as interviews with representatives of universities.  

The first step of the questionnaire towards young graduates is already under way. Those who are interested to reply to questions regarding their employability and the conditions of seeking employment that they are facing, can take part in the research in the sites of ALBA ( and ( until the end of May 2013. Participants in the research will have the chance to actively improve their employability, by participating in a draw for scholarships in postgraduate ALBA programs, as well as in open seminars of ALBA and

The main questions to be tested by research are the following:
Which are the new skills (technical and others) that young people should develop in order to become more competitive in the labor market? Does the knowledge offered by the educational institutes reply to the needs of modern businesses? How responsible are the companies in offering the proper working conditions to young people? How much have the parameters of toe corporate working environment (eg. new positions) changed and how much does this affect youth employability? Which is the effect of the crisis and of the new legislation towards a more flexible labor market? Which collective structures and initiatives could effectively support employability?

The research will be enriched with the conclusions of the dialogue between business executives, collective bodies’ representatives, educational executives and political representatives at a round table discussion, which will be held in the last quarter of 2013. An integrated report will be available for all respective parties by September 2013.

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