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New Program "Managing Your Wealth" Educational Series from Citi.
Citi's holistic educational approach on Asset Management.


Athens, May 23, 2013.

Faithful to its strategic goal of becoming the leading business management of the country and in the context of further strengthening the services to its customers to effectively manage their assets, Citi launches the program “Managing Your Wealth” Educational Series. The program includes an holistic series of activations that inform the clients on their choices regarding the best assets management and help them understand in depth the perplex investing and financial environment.
The elements of the program go beyond product offering & advisory proposition and include the following:

1. Citi “Managing Your Wealth” Educational Booklet, with content that encompasses a variety of pertinent topics including asset class dynamics, asset allocation, wealth protection etc and are made available at all Citibank branches.

2. «Wealth Education Seminar Series» that take place regularly and heighten our customers’ awareness & knowledge on wealth related matters.

3. Deloitte Tax Awareness Seminars in order to inform customers of the changing tax landscape & associated implications to wealth choices.

4. Wealth Education Articles Series & Internet Library. Educational articles will be incorporated within Citi’s quarterly customer “Investor” newsletter. Materials will also be available & showcased to customers via Relationship Managers’ interaction with iPad application. Internet educational library to be established which will be updated regularly with pertinent & interesting educational materials.

5. Next Generation Investment Camps with full day “investment” boot camp catering for successors of principals to educate on fundamental wealth management principals, in a fun & stimulating learning environment.

6. Educational Calls & Round Tables for customers, on the occasion of new market research related issues as well as other investing issues.
Mr. Gidon Kessel, Wealth Management Director, Consumer Bank, Citi Greece, noted on the program launch occasion: “Through the educational series, Citi  implements its commitment to more, better and more specialized services to its customers, with a view to share with them the knowledge that will enable them to make the most profitable decisions concerning their asset management”.

Note: Investment products are not bank deposits or an obligation of or guaranteed by Citibank International plc or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries (unless otherwise specifically stated), are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested and are not secured by the State or any of its organizations.

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