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Citi Journalistic Excellence Awards
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Citi announces 2nd Journalistic Excellence Award results in Greece.


Athens, March 28th, 2013.

Citi presented the Journalistic Excellence Award to Mr. Dimitris Pefanis, director of and financial editor of the newspaper “Ta Nea” in the context of the relevant contest, which aims at supporting and advancing quality journalism and was conducted for a second year in Greece. The award is a two-week seminar in business and finance reporting at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism of New York, with Citi’s sponsorship.

The commendation to Mr. Pefanis as well as the Commendation Certificate to Messrs Giorgos Manettas/Imerissia and Giorgos Savvakis/ was awarded at Citi’s premises by Mr. Grant Carson, Citi Country Officer, Greece in the presence of journalists and the Greek jury members.

The Citi Journalistic Excellence Award is a global program of Citi, established 30 years ago, which aims at enhancing quality journalism, by recognizing outstanding financial and business reporting across many countries in Citi’s worldwide network. It is addressed to journalists of business and finance reporting, who submit an extensive financial article, published in 2012.

The judging panel, composed by Mr. Christos Gortsos, Secretary General of Hellenic Bank Association, Nikos Travlos, Dean of ALBA Graduate Business School, Mrs. Marianna Moschou, President of ELEPAP and Citi Alumni, Mr Giannis Platsidakis, Managing Director Anangel Maritime Services Inc. and Mr. Nikos Leandros, Associate Professor in Media and Culture Department of Panteion University graded the 9 submitted articles based on the below mentioned attributes:

  • Originality of thinking
  • Introducing new ideas and perceptions
  • Analysis and understanding of the subject
  • Use of research method with or without interview
  • Impact the article leads to discussion and/or action

Following this, the internationally recognized Cοlumbia Graduate School of Journalism in New York pronounced the final winner for the contest in Greece among 3 finalists, Messrs G. Manettas, D. Pefanis and G. Savvakis, after examining the translation of the 3 articles in English, as these were submitted by the nominees.

The Columbia seminar will offer to 24 selected journalists from 22 countries, the opportunity to engage with personalities that drive global economy (policy-makers, established members of the US business community, media, academics) and to attend intensive workshops on accounting and economics. Among the speakers who have participated in previous seminars is the Nobel Prize winner and professor of Columbia κ. Joseph Stiglitz, the professors of Columbia Mr. R. Glenn Hubbard, Mr. Jagdish Bhagwati, Mr. Jeffrey Sachs, the previous presidents of FED ΝΥ, Mr. William McDonough and Mr. Timothy Geithner as well as the Ambassador Mr. Felix Rohatyn.

While awarding the prize Mr. Grant Carson, Citi Country Officer, Greece commented: “We believe that quality journalism is a culture indicator and contributes to a healthy business environment that Greece needs and tries to build despite the adverse conditions. It’s important to us to support such a cause and give the opportunity to even more journalists to benefit from the seminar that Citi offers at Columbia University”.

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