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100.000 volunteers for Citi’s Global Community Day

14 volunteering events took place in Greece with the participation of 200 Citi’s volunteers-employees



For the 7th consecutive year, Citi organized the Global Community Day, on the 16th of June, capturing the largest voluntary action in its history, with the participation of 100,000 volunteers in 92 countries and 1,300 community actions. The date was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of 200 years since the establishment of the Bank.

14 community actions took place in Greece, with the participation of more than 200 Citi’s employees along with their families and friends. The volunteering groups offered their support to the children of Hatzikiriakio, ELEPAP, and Hamogelo tou Pediou. They also participated in environmental actions with ΑΝΙΜΑ, ARXELON and the Ydronaftes for the cleanup of the beach and seabed in Attika and Thessaloniki.
The 4th Annual Food & Clothing Drive also took place to the benefit of the non-profit organizations: Food Bank, Praksis and Kivotos tou Kosmou.

Citi’s Global Community Day is a unique opportunity provided each year to the employees of the Bank to demonstrate in action their commitment to the communities, as this is one of Citi’s fundamental principles. Analytically, the 14 events that were organized in Attica and Thessaloniki were the following:

  • Hatzikyriakio Institution: Garden cleaning to avoid fire incidents. The volunteers collected 50 large bags of fodder.
  • ΕLΕPΑP: During a series of 4 visits, the volunteers sang, painted, played with the children and read to them, filling the room with positive energy and love. In addition, groups of volunteers worked for the staging of Elepa’s summer celebration.
  • Archelon: Cleaning of the tank that hosts the turtles and embellishment of the platform of the association for the Protection of the Sea Turtle
  • Hamogelo Tou Pediou, Bon-Bons Workshop: The volunteers created bon-bons that the organization will sell to support of its work.
  • ΑΝΙΜΑ: At the wildlife shelter, the volunteers attended the saplings of the garden, helping to create a better microclimate, shading and more coolness for animals convalescing at the premises of the Institute.
  • Beach & seabed cleaning in Attica and Thessaloniki: Citi’s volunteers cleaned the beaches in Lagonissi in Attica and Epanomi of Thessaloniki. In cooperation with the volunteering organization of Ydronaftes, the seabed was cleaned and the collected garbage was recorded for research purposes.

The volunteering events will be completed in September 2012 with afforestation in the coastal area, in cooperation with ΑΝΙΜΑ Wildlife Shelter.


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