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Diners Club for children vaccination and education


Athens, December 12, 2011.

Diners Club evolved the partnership with UNICEF, which started in 2003 with Diners Club Unicef card, by proceeding for the 2nd consecutive year to the offer of UNICEF school materials to 671 elementary school children from 21 child protection institutions in Greece.

This Diners Club initiative combines the support to the children protection work globally and locally. At a local level, in Greece, Diners Club gifted the first school material to children in need, and at the same time, it contributed in the reduction of relevant expenses for the child protection institutes that are going through difficult times financially. At an international level, Diners Club supported UNICEF’s work for access to education for children in Africa, which is also supported throughout the year by the Diners Club “Symvallo” (I contribute) programme.

According to “Symvallo”, Diners Club cardholders can select a monthly standing order of 5 or 10 Euros through their Diners Club card and contribute either in the therapeutic program for children or to the development of their educational opportunities. Since 2010, when the programme was launched, until today, “Symvallo” has offered approximately 15,000Euros to UNICEF.

In addition, from 2003 until today, Diners Club card has provided the vaccines for 11 million children in the developing countries. Through a consistent programme, Diners Club gives 0,5% of the value of each purchase with the card to UNICEF at no expense for the cardholder.

The child protection institutions that received the school material are the following:

*Kivotos tou kosmou,
*Hatzikiriakio Institution of Childcare,
*Zanneio Institution of Childcare & Education,
*SOS Children Villages in Vari, Plagiari, Kalamata & Thrace
*Amalieion Girls Boarding School Institution
*Hatzikonsta Institution,
*Lyreio Church Childcare Institution,
*Child-city of “Agios Andreas”, Kalamaki, Attica,
*Public Social Care Unit for the Child, Penteli, Attica,
*Centre for the Recovery of Children, Voula, Attica,
*Melissa Girls Orphanage,
*”Melitefs”, Papafeio Institution for Boys Childcare, Thessaloniki, Macedonia
*Hellenic Children Village in Filyro, Macedonia,
*Public Model National Infant Institution, Kallithea, Attica,
*Public School of the Avlona Juvenile Prison,
*Pammakaristos Childcare Institution,
*Christodouleio Childcare Institution,
*Public Model Juvenile House for Boys, Perissos, Atttica and
*Refuges Centre of Lavrion, operated by the Red Cross.


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