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Citi Global Community Day:
6th consecutive year and 6 volunteering initiatives in Greece.


Athens, November 2, 2011.

Citi Global Community Day, which has become a tradition for Citi, was celebrated on Saturday, October 22nd for the 6th consecutive year with 1.100 local service projects in 78 countries around the world. In Greece, 198 employees together with their family and friends offered their voluntary support to 6 causes of social interest, Hatzikiriakio Child Protection Institute, ELEPAP, Children’s Smile (Hamogelo tou Pediou) and of environmental interest, cleaning the Aesthetic Forest of Kesariani.

Volunteerism is a cornerstone of the Citi employee experience and of Citi’s Social Responsibility strategy. Global Community Day is an opportunity for Citi to showcase and reinforce that shared commitment by inviting employees, families and friends to collaborate as a single global volunteer team, lend their time and expertise to concentrate on local community needs, including literacy, housing, environmental protection, nutrition, health care and disaster relief.

The 6 initiatives that were organized in Athens and Salonika with volunteers’ participation were the following:

  • Aesthetic Forest of Kesariani: The volunteers, guided by a forest expert, removed organic waste and garbage from forest areas, in order a) to protect the forest from fires and b) to make it accessible to visitors. Organic waste was crumble through a special machine equipment and turned into soil that was spread on the ground and will soon turn into fertilizer. Special activities were implemented for children. The activity was managed by ANIMA and Filodasiki Enosi Athinon.
  • ELEPAP: Volunteers produced handicrafts to be sold in Elepap’s annual Christmas bazaar, supporting the work of a non-profit organization with a 75-year history in helping children in Greece, that is in parallel supported by Citibank cards programme “noiazomai”.
  • Hatzikiriakio Child Protection Institute: Volunteers went to Hatzikiriakio for the 6th year in a row to help prepare for their Xmass Bazaar, out of which the Institution gets most of its annual funding. We collated gift boxes, decorated marmalade jars and enveloped the invitations for the Bazaar.
  • Hamogelo tou Pediou, Warehouse Organisation – Salonika & Athens: Toys, clothes and other items that were donated to Hamogelo tou Pediou, were categorized, unpacked and organized in order to enable families in need to choose the things they need for the children.
  • Hamogelo tou Pediou, Wedding/Crestening bonbons workshop: Citi volunteers assisted in the production of wedding/chrestening bon-bons for "Hamogelo tou Pediou" in Ilissia, Athens. Hamogelo is chosen by a lot of people for their “bobonieres” and these are created exclusively by volunteers, in order for the proceeds to support the children of Hamogelo.

Citi employees in Greece, together with 40.000 of their colleagues all over the world participated once more in the volunteering initiatives of the Citi Global Community Day and supported the significance of team work and social work with passion.


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