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Rate reduction up to 6 basis points with the new Flex Citibank and Diners cards.


Athens, November 1, 2010.

Citibank and Diners Club have launched a new genre of cards by the name Flex, which offer the cardholder the opportunity to reduce the rate for the next purchases up to 6 basis points. With this reduction, the Flex card rate can reach 11,7%, one of the lowest rates in the Greek market.

More specifically, the new Flex card’s rate can be reduced and remain reduced for new purchases by:

  • 4 basis points if the cardholder pays at least the monthly payment on time. In the opposite case, the rate returns to the initial level.
  • 6 basis points if the cardholder pays on time and also uses the card for purchases of at least 300 euros per month. If he does not continue with this amount of purchases for the next month, but still pays on time, the card rate will then be reduced by 4 basis points and not by 6.

Flex cards are the only cards that during these difficult times offer the option for such a low rate, thus enabling the repayment process.

Those who already have a Citibank or a Diners card can turn them into Flex, by maintaining the characteristics and benefits of their cards, while adding to these the low rate.

Flex cards have an annual fee of 50€. Student, Prestige, Platinum and Corporate cards are not included in the Flex portfolio.



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