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Citibank won the 2010 National Customer Service Awards in the category Complaints Management.


Athens, July 6, 2010.

Citibank’s customer-centric philosophy that “a complaint is a gift” and its complaints handling policy won the 1st prize in the Complaints Management category of the National Customer Service Awards.

In the first presentation of these new Awards that were organised by the Hellenic Institute of Customer Service for the first time, Citibank was recognized for:

  1. The culture where "A complaint is a gift” because it comes as an opportunity to improve its processes
  2. the involvement of all levels and departments in complaint management:  Branches, Citiphone, Complaint Handling Unit, Customer Advocacy and Complaint Owners
  3. the focus on on-the-spot complaint resolution at all customer touchpoints
  4. the methodology to monitor, analyze, and reduce complaints
  5. the results: increase of one-stop complaint resolution ratio, increase of customer satisfaction and reduction of operational cost.

At the award ceremony which took place at the Athens College theater on June 30th, representatives from all departments involved in complaint management were honored for their contribution: Branches, Citiphone, Customer Service, Customer Advocacy and Complaint Owners in all departments of the bank.

According to Customer Advocacy Head, Ms. Elli Andriopoulou: «Our philosophy that a complaint is a gift allows us to improve our processes and to win back the customers we have unintentionally disappointed. The distinction is the result of the work of all those who work as “customer advocates”, who actively contribute in the on-the-spot complaint resolution, in the complaint management improvement and in the complaint reduction.»




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