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Top investment funds in Citi’s investment forum in Athens.


Athens, May 17, 2010.

Citi organized an investment forum on the  13th  and 14th of May in Athens, with the participation of top international investment funds and 12 of the largest Greek companies under the coordination of Mr. Lambros Papadopoulos, Managing Director, Citi Investment and Research Analysis.

Citi’s objective was to offer to these top investments funds the opportunity to receive official information on the situation in Greece and the future prospects by government officials as well as by senior executives of the largest Greek companies.

Many of the international investment funds already hold positions in Greek companies, whereas others have expressed their wish to invest in the Greek market.

Mr. Christos Vassiliades, CCO, Greece, stressed that “it is particularly important to have such significant investment meetings at these difficult times for our country and this is the reason why we relocated this forum from London to Athens. The participation of the top investment houses in our country is a proof of their interest in Greek companies and the developments in Greece”.

The list of the participants included 17 of the largest investment funds globally, from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Ireland.  



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