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Citigold Investment Forum


Athens, November 25, 2009.

Representatives from eight of the biggest Investment Houses worldwide met for the first time, in Greece last week, within the bounds of the Investment Forum organized for the clients of Citibank. This initiative belongs to the Bank’s Citigold Personal Banking and its clients, who gave a dynamic presence and were exclusively informed on all basic investment categories by Investment Houses top executives, among them being world-famous analyst Mark Mobius. 

Citibank has attained a leading position in the Mutual Fund market in Greece offering its clients the widest variety of investment proposals. Representing the biggest investment houses (BlackRock, JPMorgan, Invesco, Goldman Sachs, Pictet, Franklin Templeton, Schroders και MFS) and with a portfolio of more than 300 Mutual Funds, Citibank can cater for the needs of any type of investor.

Following are the main points of the speakers per Investment House:


  • BlackRock / Energy & New Energy
  • Sandy Christie, Energy Equity Fund Manager
    Classic Forms
    According to BlackRock’s analysts, over the last decade, worldwide increase in energy demand due to the development of emerging countries and mostly China outpaced the addition of new oil supply to existing reserves, forcing oil prices to rise before the onset of the financial crisis – which crisis led to crude oil production and price decline during 2008. Come 2009, oil consumption has recovered in the emerging markets and with demand on the rise; we shall see oil inventories eroding and oil market tightening again. Given the above and with equity energy valuations derating to levels not seen since the 1990s, investing in the field offers very promising long-term prospects.

    New Forms
    Despite the recent global financial crisis, the Alternative Energy Sources field has continued its upward course throughout 2009 as it has continued to garner significant government support worldwide with stimulus packages focusing on investment in the field. Wind energy constitutes the most successful form of alternative energy due to its competitiveness, scalability and resource abundance. Finally, recent legislation focusing on carbon dioxide emissions reduction has placed even greater emphasis on the use of alternative energy sources.


  • JPMorgan / Capital Preservation Products
  • Olivia Mayell, Client Portfolio Manager at JP Morgan Asset Management
    JPMorgan Capital Preservation Fund is a multi asset total return Mutual Fund with very active asset allocation and excellent returns above its cash benchmark this year.
    In these uncertain times of great fluctuations in financial markets globally, investors must exploit possible emerging opportunities remaining, though, very conscious of their risk profile investing in the integrated proposition of JPMorgan’s Global Capital Preservation Mutual Fund. With maximum equity exposure of 30%, investors can optimize their portfolio risk-return profile opting for Convertible Bonds with embedded hybrid features. 


  • Invesco / Asian Equities & Asian Infrastructure
  • Gianpaolo Gianneli, Director, Sales
    Asian countries’ strong economic fundamentals, their increasing trend of urbanization coupled by their lacking infrastructure and the supportive government policies place this area in a favorable position for the investor to benefit from infrastructure investment in the future.
    Why invest in Invesco Asia Infrastructure Fund:

    • Access to the development prospects of the area which will be enhanced by growing levels of urbanization and population growth
    • Diversification across different sub-sectors
    • Broad range of investment ideas management quality guaranteed by Invesco.


  • Goldman Sachs / US Equities
  • Jeniffer Muler, Goldman Sachs Asset Management – Product Specialist
    Goldman Sachs laid out five reasons to invest in the US Equity market:

    • The depth, breadth and diversification of this particular market
    • The US market is well positioned to benefit from potential global growth
    • Corporate profits are likely to improve
    • High levels of cash on the sidelines worldwide
    • Attractive US equity valuations


  • Pictet / Megatrends Investment Opportunities – Thematic Funds
  • Paolo Paschetta, Regional Manager Greece
    Picket investment philosophy dictates exploiting future global megatrends as these theme investments offer long-term growth potential irrespective of any short-term fluctuation they might experience. Theme funds can combine superior return prospects and diversification in one portfolio. 
    Emphasis is placed on “Clean” Energy Sources investments via which investors can benefit from the global trend towards environmentally responsible use of energy and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Within the same framework, Picket focuses on effective water sourcing and irrigation, water supply management (distribution) and recycling (waste water collection and treatment) projects, proposing its Mutual Fund investing in the planet’s most valuable commodity, Water.

  • MFS - European Equities
  • Luisa Greselin, Sales Director Europe
    MFS urges investors to focus on Europe based on the House’s philosophy of active portfolio management. MFS offers placement opportunities focusing on the economic fundamentals of various European firms staying away from commitments or bias as to investment style, emphasis on certain sectors and cap size. This way, investors are given the chance to invest in “best ideas – opportunities” at any given time.


  • Schroders – Commodities
  • Lydia Malaki, Schroder Investment Management, London
    Schroders noted that investors have now the chance to make good profit investing in commodities as prices could benefit from increasing confidence in economic recovery and the US dollar persistent weakness. On the other hand, there is the prospect of further commodity prices decline if there is a prolonged contraction in global growth. Yet, it was underlined that there are compelling long-term structural themes behind the case for investing in agricultural commodities such as growing world population, climate change and emerging market diet development. The same rational, according to Schroders, dictates that gold appears as a store of value in an environment where real interest rates have fallen to an all-time low and currency fluctuations persist.


  • Franklin Templeton – Emerging Markets
  • Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman
    Dr. Mark Mobius stressed the importance of the role of emerging markets in global development. These markets are the fastest growing economies globally and have an increasing trend of depending on domestic demand. At the same time, intra-regional trade increases fast making them less vulnerable to a US economy slow-down. Finally, increasing global demand for natural resources and emerging markets companies rising earnings growth rate constitute two more reasons supporting FT’s pioneering investment orientation towards emerging markets.





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