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Athens Medical Center S.A. signs Agreement with Citibank.


Athens, September 21, 2009.

Athens Medical Center S.A. signed an agreement with Citibank for the development of the medical plan “Health+Care”. This plan addresses all Citibank Visa and Mastercard holders providing them with important benefits – without any extra surcharges to the credit card programs - in all hospital units of Athens Medical Center S.A. 

With this agreement, Citibank Visa & MasterCard holders as well as their family members, i.e. their spouses and children, will enjoy special benefits and discounts when undergoing medical and diagnostic tests in outpatients departments of Athens Medical Center S.A. hospitals. Specifically, within the context of the Health+Care plan, the following benefits will be provided:   

  • 5% discount on hospitalization costs in all Group hospitals provided that such costs are not 100% covered by the patient’s insurance company;
  • unlimited medical visits to on-call doctors in the outpatients departments of the Group’s hospitals on a 24/7 basis throughout the year (the patient will participate with the mere amount of € 20 per visit);
  • 20% discount on medical visits to regular outpatients departments of the Group’s hospitals (Monday—Friday, after making an appointment);
  • 25% discount on diagnostic exams in outpatients departments of the Group's hospitals;
  • Free-of-charge use of Emergency Medical Services (ambulance services) in the event of an emergency admission to a Group’s hospital in Attica and Thessaloniki regions; 
  • Check-Ups for men, women and children at discount prices.

All Citibank Visa & MasterCard holders can make use of the Health+Care plan benefits in all the Group’s hospitals: Athens Medical and Pediatric Hospital in Marousi, Thessaloniki Inter-Balkan Medical Center, P. Faliro Medical Center, Psyhiko Medical Center, Peristeri Medical Center and Dafni Medical Center.  





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