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€129,000 donated by "Noiazomai" program for the support of ELPIDA and ELEPAP in the first half of 2009.


Athens, July 23, 2009.

Donations of €129,000 bear testament to the success of the initial 6 months of the "Noiazomai" program launched by Citibank to support the work of Elpida and ELEPAP organizations.
Through this program, Citibank gives the opportunity to all its cardholders to contribute to the support of these two organizations, as with every transaction with a Citibank card the Bank donates 0.05 euros to children in need, at no expense to the cardholder.

Elpida will invest its €64,500 share in the building of the 1st Children's Oncology Hospital, currently in its final stages of construction.  
ELEPAP will use its share to support the Institution's Department of Swimming Therapy which trains approximately 130 children a year using the ground-breaking Halliwick method.

The "Noiazomai" program demonstrates Citibank's commitment to raising public awareness of issues and the continuous support of charitable work, which in this case is focused on children – the wellbeing of whom is everyone's priority and an illustration of our civilization.

The effectiveness of the three bodies in terms of activity and the devotion to their work guarantee the success of the "Noiazomai" support program.

Citibank boasts long experience in creating cards featuring 25 different products with innovative features and services as well as an extensive client list.
Elpida and ELEPAP have been supporting children with cancer and mobility disabilities for many years, both with significant and well-recognized achievements. Elpida is nearing the completion of its impressive project for the creation of the 1st Children's Oncology Hospital in Greece following 19 years of persistent work. Respectively, ELEPAP has supported more than 100,000 children with mobility disabilities its 72 years of operation.





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