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Financial Education for 6,000 elementary school students


Athens, July 2, 2009.

We reached the end of the 5th year of “economy lessons” for elementary school students on the grounds of the Financial Education Program, which is initiated and supported by Citi in cooperation with the Hellenic Children Museum.

The educational program “Economy: Knowledge with value” was attended by over 6,000 pupils from 200 classes in public and private Elementary Schools in Attica and Thessaloniki. In addition, 60 Citibankers volunteered with enthusiasm to support the work of the Hellenic Children Museum educators. Overall, more than 40,000 elementary school students from the areas and cities of Attica, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patras and Irakleion have participated in the Financial Education Program “Economy: Knowledge with value” during its 5 years of implementation in Greece.

It constitutes an original educational programme, the only one of its kind that is implemented in elementary schools. It is designed by the Educational Programmes Department of the Hellenic Children Museum, which is responsible for its implementation in the classrooms. Through role playing games, the use of sample objects and experiential activities, the students explore how the household, the market and the state economy are run. The 4 different sub-programs addressed to the different cognitive levels of elementary schools aim at familiarizing children with basic financial concepts that they meet in their daily life, in order for them to grow into educated consumers who understand and manage their financials effectively.

In the 5 years of implementing the Program, it has become obvious that the economy lessons interest the children and that they can grasp the meaning of “money” early enough. Through their participation in the role playing games they learn to differentiate needs from desires, they build consumer consciousness and critical thinking and they cooperate with each other in order to develop and present their ideas to face poverty and unemployment, when playing state representatives.

Citi will continue to support Financial Education for another 6th year, based on the 10year global commitment of the Bank. It should be noted that within 2008 28million USD were invested in relevant programs in 73 countries, and Greece was one of them.





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