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Citibank supports Elpida and Elepap. We can be socially active even through our transactions.


Athens, February 10, 2009.

Children’s needs and especially those that relate to health matters are of top priority for everyone. Elpida and Elepap non-profit organizations have been supporting children with cancer and movement disability respectively for years and they have showed respected and recognized work. With the new program “I care”, Citibank commits to support the work of the two associations and provides the cardholders with the opportunity to strengthen this commitment in their every transaction.

The new program of relief and support “I care” aims at increasing public awareness and at providing steady support to the work of Elpida and Elepap. According to the program, the Bank will give to the children who are in need 0.05Euros for every purchase with Citibank cards, at no cost for the cardholders. The amount that is collected through the usual use of cards will be attributed every quarter by Citibank to the two philanthropic organizations.

Citibank has a long experience in creating new cards products, 25 different products with innovative characteristics and services, as well as a wide clientele. In addition, it should be noted that Elpida is approaching the impressive target of building the 1st Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Greece through its 19years efforts, whereas Elepap has supported more than 100.000 children with movement disability during its 72 years of social work. All the above factors will guarantee significant response to the program “I care”.

Mr. Chris Vassiliades, CCΟ Citi, Greece, Ms. Marianna V. Vardinoyianni, President of Elpida and Ms. Mary Karella-Diamantopoulou, President of Elepap presented the new program and its contribution to the two associations during a press conference.

Mr. Vassiliades, CCO, Citi, Greece, stressed “the need of supporting social causes especially during difficult financial times, since then there is greater need for relief. Citi utilizes its leading position in the cards market to support children with cancer and movement disability who show us their strength every day.”

Ms. Marianna V. Vardinoyianni, President of Elpida, stated: “Elpida’s hospital is being built and with this we also build the hope in the hearts of many children and families who suffer. For us in Elpida, a new circle is starting. And whatever we have succeeded until today becomes a benchmark for our new beginning. A beginning that is based on the impressive response of the Greek society to stand by Elpida. For this reason, Citibank’s initiative to support Elpida’s efforts is very important for us and encourages us even more to continue our efforts.”

“Our efforts aim at giving to children with disability in movement the opportunity to develop their own strength and abilities and become creative members of our society. The program “I care” of Citi, is another great offer of Citi to our children and it is also a message of solidarity and sense of humanity for everyone. This is why I want together with my “Thank you”, to congratulate Citi and Mr. Chris Vassiliades for their initiative and wish them the conditions of Citibank and its employees to always allow them to care!” stressed Ms. Mary Karella-Diamantopoulou, President of Elepap.





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