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Investment Planning Tool

Contrary to the past, today our money doesn’t have high yields, if we leave it in a deposit account. In order to receive higher yields, a solution is to invest it. But we have to know where it’s worth investing.

That’s why at Citibank we use the Investment Planning Tool (Citibank Wealth Planner). An Investment Consultant will discuss with you face-to-face about your needs and your expectations and with the help of the “Investment Planning Tool” (CWP), you will collectively decide what you want to achieve. Together you will decide on the most appropriate allocation of your capital (stocks, bonds, cash, alternative forms of investment), so that you can receive a maximum return on your investments. For example, our Consultant will help you select which Mutual Funds to invest in from the vast available suggested Mutual Funds, based on the evaluation made by Standard and Poor’s which is an independent international organization.

Our know-how, the variety of investment solutions to choose from which are offered in Greece and abroad and the objective opinion of Citibank’s Investment Consultant, are combined to create the foundation for building a great investment structure.


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