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Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
The U.S. Government has implemented the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) where in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 1471-1474 of the income tax code, it is required of financial institutions that operate outside the U.S.A., such as Citibank Greece, to ensure that “U.S. persons” – as defined by the U.S. tax authorities – declare to the tax authorities of the U.S. incomes gained for their assets outside the U.S.  

FATCA will be implemented effective July 1st 2014 and Citibank will implement all requirements under FATCA, any Intergovernmental Agreement, or any similar domestic or foreign legal requirement.  

If you have been informed by an employee of Citibank Greece that, based on the information you have provided us with there are indications that you are a "U.S. Person" but you are not a “U.S. Person”, you will need to complete a W8 BEN form and IRS P.o.A. (attached below) and provide the necessary documentation. If you are a “U.S. Person”, you will need to complete a W9 form and an IRS P.o.A. (attached below).  

Kindly provide Citibank with the required documents either:
  • At a Citibank branch, where you may submit the original documents listed above or
  • By ordinary mail, whereby you may send the original certified documents, to the following address:
    Citibank International plc
    Customer Service Department
    Central Documents' Processing Sector
    PO Box 191 86
    GR 117 10, ATHENS

    Note: Regarding Non-Resident customers, the above documents should be verified by their Country’s respective Authorities/Legal Entities (“Apostille”).
For further clarifications regarding FATCA, please contact  

Special Forms:
IRS P.o.A.












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