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Citibank Brokerage Services


Citibank Brokerage Services receives and transmits trade instructions for purchases and sales of shares on the Athens Stock Exchange via an associated Brokerage Firm.


Why choose Citibank Brokerage Services;

  1. Excellent Service
    Citibank Brokerage Services has the infrastructure required to provide you with the high-quality services you require. Our experienced, thoroughly trained staff is ready to respond to the special requirements of your portfolio.
  2. Comprehensive information regarding your portfolio
    With one call you may be informed about the price of the stock you are interested in, the transaction volume in that particular stock, all relevant corporate actions (Dividends, Share capital increase, Bonus shares, etc.), and any other information which may affect the shares. In this way you trade with all the facts. You may obtain any information regarding your portfolio and you may also receive confirmation of your executed orders by fax. Once a month you will also receive a detailed statement which includes a record of your transactions as well as the market value of your portfolio as of a specified date.
  3. Trade without hassle from wherever you are
    Make your trades easily without having to perform bank transfers, deposits etc. A phone call on 210 92.90.431 from your home, office or car is all it takes for you to complete a transaction.
  4. Your capital earns interest
    Your money remains in a personal bank account and earns interest until the settlement day. Your funds are always available for investment or any other transaction you may wish, without being tied up in various banks or Securities Companies. In this way you are able to take advantage of unexpected investment opportunities.

    Citibank receives and transmits the customers orders for purchases and sales on the Athens Stock Exchange, that in their entirety are executed by a Stock Brokerage Company (currently Euroxx .....). The commission applied to each trade, includes the commission of Citibank as well as the commission of the Broker that executes the trade.
    Citibank International plc neither promises nor guarantees the return of the investment and the Customer must understand that equity investment is subject to risk and unpredictable volatility.


How to get a trading code

  1. You sign an additional legal agreement relating to Citibank Brokerage Services.
  2. You sign an authorization enabling Citibank to operate your securities account at the Athens Central Depository.
    If you do not have such an account, you can open one immediately.
  3. You confirm the proper functioning of your Citibank Card and your Telephone Personal Identification Number (-).


How to perform a trade

  1. Call 210 92.90.431, find out the current price of the share you are interested in.
  2. Place your instruction.
  3. The order is automatically recorded in OASIS, the transaction system of the Athens Stock Exchange.


What you can do via Citibank Brokerage Services?

  • Place sell or buy orders for shares and rights negotiated at the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • Real-time updates on prices, fluctuation and trading volume for shares and rights negotiated
    at the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • Confirmation of your transactions, by fax or telephone.
  • Update on the status of your portfolio via monthly statements.
  • Information on company activities (Dividends, Share capital increase, Bonus shares, , etc.).


Initial Public Offerings (IPO's) by telephone

Citibank gives you the opportunity to participate in the public offering of newly issued shares in the Athens Stock Exchange with a simple phone call. You can apply to participate in a Public Offering with Citibank even if you maintain a brokerage relationship with another bank or Brokerage Firm.

  1. You will be asked for the details of your Citibank Card.
  2. You are briefed on the IPO you are interested in.
  3. You give the data for your application (company, quantity of shares you wish to apply for, etc.).

The prerequisites for applying for public offerings over the telephone are

  • That you have signed the additional terms for public offerings; you can do this in any Citibank branch
  • That there is sufficient balance to cover your required subscription amount either in euro or foreign currency savings/deposit accounts, or in Repos held with the bank.

Citibank Brokerage Services is your way to easy, fast and safe brokerage transactions.


Investment Products are not bank deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, Citibank International plc or its affiliates (unless specifically stated), are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of principal invested and they are not insured by any governmental agencies.


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Citibank International Plc has transferred its consumer banking business in Greece to lpha Bank A.E.
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