Try to answer the following questions honestly.
If you give at least 4 "YES", please ask for our help.

I usually pay the minimum monthly due amount of my cards.
I have been making an increased use of my cards over the last month.
Lately, I have been making purchases with my cards or I choose to pay by installments for items I used to pay for in cash.
Lately, I have been making a continuous or frequent use of my cards for cash withdrawals.
I have almost used up the entire credit limit of my cards and I have requested or intend to request an increase of my credit limit .
I do not know the exact amount of my debts.
I have not paid my bills for some months or I have been behind on their payment on some occasions, over the last year.
I have not been able to save any money recently.
Sometimes, I need cash unexpectedly and I don't have any available.
I keep worrying about the amount of my debts and this is very stressful for me.
I have had to use part of my savings recently.
I have used a balance transfer plan for my cards and/or loans recently.