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Update concerning the fraudulent email messages


During the last months a number of fraudulent emails carrying the Citibank logo were sent to numerous and randomly selected email addresses over the Internet. As a result, many of our customers as well as non-customers, might have received these emails. The emails appear to come from Citibank with varying subjects like "Your Checking Account at Citibank" or "Private message from Citibank" or "Citibank E-Mail Verification" and ask the recipient to give some or all digits of the Citicard or Credit card and the personal indentification number (PIN) or link to a fake Citibank-like window asking for sensitive personal information.

Citibank was one of the global financial institutions that was targeted by a group of fraudsters over the Internet. Citibank apologizes for the inconvenience and confusion these emails might have caused and is working with law enforcement to investigate the incidents.

Citibank does not ask customers to provide sensitive information in this way and urges recipients of these emails to delete them immediately.

Finally, we would like to confirm the fact that Citigroup’s systems, including its databases have not been compromised in any way.

If you already received any of the above emails and need more information or guidance, then please call Citiphone
at 210-929.0000 or 801.11.12484.


General guidance instructions:

  • If you received the email message with a subject or content similar to the above, do not respond to the email and delete it immediately.
  • Be alert for scam emails. Do not open emails coming from unknown sources. Open emails only if you know the sender and be cautious in opening any attachments.
  • Do not reply to emails asking for personal or confidential information. Citibank will never ask sensitive information this way.
  • Be careful before clicking on a link contained in an email message.
  • Do not send sensitive or personal information through the Internet unless it is encrypted (check the locked padlock on the status bar at the bottom of your browser).
  • Keep your PIN strictly personal and confidential. Memorize your PIN rather than mark it down. If you suspect that someone else knows your PIN then change it immediately either at the ATM or through Citibank Online. Select a different PIN from your Telephone Identification Code (TPIN) required for your Citiphone Banking servicing.
  • Make sure your computer has anti-virus software and it is updated with the latest update.
  • If you are a Windows XP user, activate the Internet Connection firewall on your Internet connection.


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