Key elements in Citi's international activities

Climate Change Initiative
We have invested $8.2 billion in tackling climate change and introducing internal measures to improve environmental performance. We have contributed to financing and investment in alternative forms of energy and clean technologies, like the construction of the first wind farms in Peru.
Citi Foundation
Through the Citi Foundation we have provided $76.5m to help the economic integration of people on low incomes, and have contributed to economic progress in the countries where we do business. Citi also donates another $60.5m to charities around the world.
Economic Potential
We have offered $340.9m to 38 micro-financing institutions in 21 countries, as part of the corporate relationship with the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation, launched in 2006. The institutions in question extend loans to more than 960,000 people, 91% of them women.
Valuing our People
We celebrated Citi's 200th anniversary along with more than 111,000 employees, their families and friends, in 93 countries, participating in voluntary actions as part of Citi's Global Community Day.
Saving Energy
We have improved Citi's energy efficiency by 8.8% and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 21.7% since 2005, helping to cut Citi's operating costs.