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Additional Services


Citibank transfers its experience from the international presence in the business sector into the Greek reality and offers a line of supplemental specialised services and products.

Sell through interest-free installments. Collect in cash!

The instalment programs through credit cards offer many advantages not only to the consumers but also to your business. Today, more and more companies that wish to attract new customers and to increase their sales, take advantage of the instalment program.

The continuous increase of sales, through interest-free installments, creates to the merchant the need for liquidity in order to increase his orders and balance demand. Through the pre-payment of interest-free installments you improve your business competitiveness by taking advantage of the liquidity offered to you.

Citibank offers to all businesses who sell through interest-free installments or considering to start an interest-free instalment program through the Diners, Citibank MasterCard & Citibank Visa cards, the prepayment program, which increases the liquidity of your business.

Letters of Guarantee - Documentary credits

Citibank supports your effort to broaden your co-operation through your participation in bids where the issuance of letters of guarantee is required, such as of participation, proper execution, receiving a deposit, undertaking tithes, of proper payment, a.o.

Remittances in Greece and Abroad

Whenever you need to transfer your capital to other banks in Greece and abroad, visit the nearest Citibank branch where you will receive immediate priority and quality service from one of our representatives.

Settlement of Imports-Exports

Citibank doesn’t need to make many introductions for your transactions made abroad. Your name is connected with a renowned global Organisation which will handle the issuance and management of the documents required by other banks abroad for you.

Electronic Payment of Tax Obligations, IKA, Social Security,
Fees to Public Organisations

Greater flexibility and speed in the payment methods of your monthly expenses.

Foreign Exchange Management

Offering you quick and accurate service to your exchange needs when you need to expand
your business activities to countries with currencies other than euro.





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