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Working Capital
Other Products & Services
Other Products & Services


Citibank by transferring its experience through its international presence to the area of businesses in the Greek reality offers a series of supplementary specialized services and products.

Letters of Credit - Documentary Credits

Citibank supports your effort to broaden your cooperation through your participation in bids where the issue of letters of credit is required, such as of participation, proper execution, receiving a deposit, undertaking tithes, of proper payment, a.o.


Remittances within Greece and Abroad

When you need to transfer your assets to other banks within Greece or abroad as well, visit the nearest branch of Citibank where you receive an immediate priority and qualitative service from our representative.

Electronic Payment

Taxation Obligations, IKA Contributions, Public Organization Duties.
Greater flexibility and speed in the manner of paying fixed expenses.


Currency Management

Rapid and proper service provision for currency exchange services for you who wish to extend your activities outside the euro border limits.



Customized Deposit and Investment Products

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