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We have at our disposal all necessary tools as well as the knowledge and experience to efficiently manage your wealth.



At Citibank, management of your wealth begins by determining   your investment profile.
Together we shall design the investment portfolio that corresponds to your financial needs and future goals, always in the context of the amount of risk you are willing to take.


A. Determine Investment Profile
Our specialized Citigold Executives are at your disposal to exclusively serve you. After discussing with you your financial position, your needs and long term investment goals, they will  establish your investment profile.


Β. Portfolio Distribution/Allocation
Taking your particular needs and your desired risk level into consideration, we help you draw up a portfolio with both short- and long term investments as well as liquid cash placements.


C. Product Selection
With the help of your Citigold Executive you can select the most suitable products among those suggested.


D. Monitoring your Portfolio
Using advanced investment planning tools we enable you to maximize your wealth by systematic monitoring of your funds and adjustment ofyour investment strategy in accordance to your needs and the market activity, so that you can take advantage of every opportunity that arises.



High returns, high protection levels
For those of you who wish to incur the lowest level of risk in your investments, Citibank offers products with capital protection upon maturity along with the ability to realize high returns. We give you the opportunity to differentiate your portfolio by investing in classic investment categories such as Financial Indices throughout the world, as well as in alternative investment choices, such as Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Hedge Funds etc.


Mutual Funds with Top Returns
Through the Mutual Funds offered by Citibank you have access to almost all global markets. You can choose among over 300 Mutual Funds of the top companies Legg Mason, BlackRock, Invesco, Credit Suisse, Franklin Templeton, MFS, Schroders, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Our Mutual Funds’ selection is unbiased, made on the basis of the strict criteria of Citibank’s Advisory Committee, Citichoice.


Active management of your wealth through the New Generation of “Fund of Funds” Mutual Funds

With the New Generation “Fund of Funds” Mutual Funds:

  • You achieve the best distribution of your funds (in accordance to your investment profile) over all investment categories.
  • • You acquire access to the products and alternative investments of the largest financial institutions in the world.
  • You ensure multiple management of your portfolio by a specialized investment team, through modern risk management tools.


International Bonds
You receive access to the international government and corporate bond market, through Citigroup Global Markets Limited.



With a simple phone call you can:

  • Give instructions to buy or sell.
  • Request information on your portfolio.
  • Participate in Public Offerings.
  • Arrange to collect or deposit dividends and interest received in your account.
  • Exercise your preemptive right in share capital increases.





Investment Products are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, Citigroup Inc., Citibank International plc or its affiliates, are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal invested and are not insured by any governmental agencies.


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