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That is a principle we espouse. So in order to help you, our Citigold clients, enjoy those unique experiences in life, we have designed a package of exclusive services, especially for you, called Citigold Lifestyle Management.

You can find out about everything Citigold Lifestyle Management has to offer you in the following pages. Avail yourself and live your own unique experiences, in a way that suits your status and personality.


 Special Events
 Unique events just for you.

Special presentations for Citigold clients.
Citigold holds special presentations of top products by Citibank’s investment companies for you. These presentations are made in the context of special events such as tastings of select wines and whiskies, live music evenings etc.

Proposals for special events.
We arrange exclusive presentations for you of high quality products in tune with your own life style, such as luxury cars, high quality watchmaker products.


 Apart from unique spectacles, cultural and sports events also offer
 spectators an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy these from
 the best seats.

Finding and booking tickets.
Go and see cultural and sports events of interest to you in Athens, London and New York. We shall find and book your tickets for you.

Enjoy festivals, exhibitions and performances you want to see abroad. We shall undertake to find, book and send you your tickets.

Take advantage of our proposals and ideas to take part in special events taking place all over the world.

Sending you your tickets.
For your convenience we send you your tickets wherever it suits you.

Ticket reservation for events in Athens, London & New York (service available on a daily basis 10:00-20:00).


 Gifts & Shopping
 A properly chosen gift may be the beginning
 of a new business or social relationship..

Ordering and sending gifts.
Chose tobacconist products, wines, spirits, sweets, books and music CDs as gifts you wish to send to a loved one or a business associate and we shall send them for you

Information on purchases in the art and fashion worlds.
Discover the addresses and business hours of specialized stores, such as fashion houses, jewelers, art galleries, antique shops, exhibition halls.

*You shall be charged the courier’s expenses.

Gift Delivery (service available on a daily basis 10:00-20:00).


 A dinner can turn out to be an unforgettable experience:
 Provided everything has been carefully planned before hand.

Information on restaurants and bookings*.
Call us and find out about the style, atmosphere, the specialties and menu prices of the restaurants you wish to visit.

Tell us which restaurant you wish to have lunch or dine at and we shall book a table for you after we have checked availability.

Alternative proposals for restaurants.
Let us know the kind of restaurant you prefer and we shall propose alternative choices for you so that you can chose the one that suits you best.

*This service shall be available for the following areas: Athens, Aghios Nikolaos in Crete, Archova, Volos, Zakynthos, Herakleion Crete, Thessalonica, Cavalla, Corfu, Cephalonia, Mykonos, Paros, Patras ,Rhodes, Santorine, Chania Crete.

Restaurant info & reservation (service available on a daily basis 10:00-20:00).


 Every journey is a unique experience.
 Enjoy it from the very first moments.

V.I.P. service at the “El. Venizelos” airport.
We have ensured for you exclusively free access to Goldair Handling’s V.I.P. Lounge at the “El. Venizelos” airport. Just show your gold Citibank Cash Card, and enjoy your every trip in the status and luxury you deserve.


Exclusive Citigold Lifestyle Management Service Line.
Whenever you wish to use one or more of the high quality services we have created for you, you can call the Exclusive Citigold Lifestyle Management Service Line, at 210 9290500 or 2310244677.
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