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Mortgage Solutions

Have you found the house you want?
Are you planning to invest in real estate?
Do you want to repair your house?
Do you want to buy real estate without liquidating your investments?
Do you want to transfer your mortgage from another bank?

You will find the clearest, most profitable proposal at the most competitive interest rates in the market. The loan you wish to take is tailored  to your needs, for the acquisition, renovation or completion of your house.

Limitless Flexibility
We let you chose how and when you shall repay your loan. Should you change your mind,you can also, differentiate the type of interest rate (fixed or variable) without any extra charge.

Furthermore, you can perform partial withdrawals to your loan so that the installment and interest are calculated only on the disbursed amount. This option is provided exclusively to you, our Citigold clients.

Our specialized consultants will explain everything to you in detail from the very beginning.


Personal Financing

We provide a source of additional funds on particularly privileged terms over the whole range of our financing plans:

  • Personal Citibank Loans at lower interest rates. and with a special discount on evaluation and approval expenses, exclusively for Citigold Customers.
  • Loan and Credit card balance consolidation program at a privileged fixed interest rate and with a discount on evaluation and approval expenses.


Instant Cash Liquidity

Gold Easy Cash
If you have placed your funds in long term investment plans, you may ensure instant cash on privileged terms, taking advantage of your investments:

  • High Liquidity up to 500,000€
  • A particularly low interest rate linked to the Euribor rate.
  • Duration up to 12 years.
  • Without anearly repayment penalty.
  • Without financial documentation.





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