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Professional Solutions

Ensuring priority for you in completion of procedures and also privileged pricing, you can acquire the capital you need for your business, modernize your professional equipment, renovate or acquire the professional premises you desire with financing of up to 100%.

Settling Imports-Exports, Guarantee Credits
Take advantage of Citibank’s world wide network, as well as its established position (No 1 financial group in the world) and ensure swift settlement of your cross-border transactions, through simple procedures and without bureaucracy.

Letters of Guarantee
Enhance your presence in the market and your participation in tenders through the issuance of Letters of Guarantee.

Pre finance programs
Prefinance   interest free installments of  Citbank (Visa, MasterCard) and Diners card (for retail companies) and obtain financing against these up to 150%. Furthermore, according to your business turnover, you may obtain financing against your customers’ post dated checks and invoices.

Payroll Services
There are specially designed packages for your company, as well as personalized products in privileged terms for your employees.



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Citibank International Plc has transferred its consumer banking business in Greece to Αlpha Bank A.E.
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