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"Health & Care" Program


Health care privileges in cooperation with leading health care providers.

Health is not just our most precious asset, it’s also necessary to make our life better.
That’s why Citibank has created the special benefits’ Citibank health & care Program, exclusively for you and your family.

Citibank health & care, in cooperation with leading diagnostic centers and hospitals, such as Biomedicine, Euroclinic, Metropolitan and Euromedical Psychikou, offers you a comprehensive benefits program for a better protection, care and prevention in all health areas.

Through the use of Citibank cards, the program offers discount prices and free benefits for a large number of diagnostic tests, ranging from simple blood tests to more complicated ones (such as triplex vascular imaging, mammography, ultrasound, etc.), as well as medical visits and nursing care.



Thanks to the Health & Care program, you may call the 5-digit telephone number 14 501 (at the minimum charge of €0.75 per minute from a fixed telephony network, and 1.26€ per minute from a mobile telephony network), and enjoy the following privileges:

  • (a) 25% discount for diagnostic tests performed within the medical diagnostic laboratories network of Biomedicine all over Greece.
  • (b) 40% discount for dental care services provided by dental clinics belonging to its network all over Greece.
  • (c) Access to three clinics in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, and more specifically to Bioclinic of Athens, Bioclinic of Piraeus and Bioclinic of Thessaloniki, at a 20% discount on the private-pay patients price list for hospital charges, surgery expenses, laboratory tests, and physicians’ fees (exclusive of medication, medical and special supplies), in connection with refractive eye surgery (Laser), cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, and bariatric surgery (surgical management of morbid obesity).
  • (d) Free of charge unlimited scheduled medical visits to Bioclinic of Athens, Bioclinic of Piraeus and Bioclinic of Thessaloniki outpatient departments, for the basic specialties of Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics and Surgery.  A special price for all other medical specialties, at a charge of twenty-five Euros (€25).
  • In case of a visit to the Accident and Emergency Department (non-scheduled visits), a special cost of thirty Euros (€30) per visit.
  • (e) Free of charge ambulance service (within the limits of Attica and Thessaloniki Prefectures) for transportation from/to Biomedicine Group branches, for MRI and CT scans, and from/to Biomedicine Group clinics, in case of hospitalization.
  • (f) Visits to medical clinics that have a contract with Biomedicine, all over Greece, after arranging an appointment, at a price of twenty-five Euros (€25) per visit.
  • (g) Home visits by physicians who have a contract with Biomedicine, at a price of fifty Euros (€50) per visit during the day, and seventy Euros (€70) in the evening, and during weekends and holidays.
  • (h) Blood sampling at home by qualified nursing personnel of Biomedicine, at a price of ten Euros (€10) per sampling, only within the area of Attica.
  • (i) Home health care by qualified medical and nursing personnel of Biomedicine, at a 10% discount.

Biomedicine Contact Information:

Ampelokipoi (Head Office): 132 Kifisias Ave. & Papada. Tel.: 210 69 66 000
Michalakopoulou: 2-6 Michalakopoulou Str.  Tel.: 210 72 63 800
Stournari: 29 Stournari Str., Athens  Tel.: 210 38 17 686
Kifisia: 227 Kifisias Ave. (Building 2), Anavrita  Tel.: 210 61 24 592
Alimos: 578 Vouliagmenis Ave.  Tel.: 210 99 37 770
Agia Paraskevi: 384 Mesogeion Ave.  Tel.: 210 60 07 006
Korydallos: 106 Grigoriou Lambraki Str. Tel.: 210 56 98 588
Kallithea: 155-157 El. Venizelou Str. Tel.: 210 95 91 100
Piraeus: 55-57 Iroon Polytechniou Ave.  Tel.: 210 42 97 446-8
Nea Ionia: 34 Melinas Merkouri Str.  Tel.: 210 28 36 208
Peristeri: 75-77 Panagi Tsaldari Str.  Tel.: 210 57 82 390
Chalandri: 44 Pentelis Ave. & 2 Irakleous Str.  Tel.: 210 68 00 991-2
Patisia: 125 Patision Ave.  Tel.: 210 82 37 100
Palaio Faliro: 7 Imittou Str. & Pentelis Str.  Tel.: 210 94 09 613
Glyfada: 134 Vouliagmenis Ave.  Tel.: 210 89 81 174
Egaleo: 429A Athinon Ave.  Tel.: 210 53 17 794- 8
Pallini: Kritis & 87 Salaminos Str., Marathonos Ave. Tel.: 210 60 34 414




  • 8 FREE visits per year, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:
    1. to physicians on call at the Outpatient Department of Euroclinic Athens (Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopedics and Surgery)
    2. to physicians on call at the Outpatient Department of Euroclinic Children’s Hospital (Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery)
  • Unlimited visits to the Scheduled Outpatient Clinics of Euroclinic Athens and Euroclinic Children’s Hospital, for all medical specialties, by paying a fee of €30 for services rendered by registrars and €50 for services rendered by consultants, Monday to Friday, by appointment only.


  • 40% discount for all diagnostic tests at the Outpatient Department of Euroclinic Athens and Euroclinic Children’s Hospital
  • CT, MRI and Triplex Imaging according to the state price list published in the Official Government Gazette (valid for private-pay patients).


  • 20% discount on inpatient hospital charges at both Clinics.

    Physicians’ fees, supplies and medication are not included.


  • 10% discount for medical & surgical procedures (excluding endoscopy) at the Outpatient Department of Euroclinic Athens and Euroclinic Children’s Hospital (valid for private-pay patients). Physicians’ fees, supplies and medication are not included.


  • Free use of an ambulance belonging to the Group in case of an emergency hospitalization for residents in Attica.


  • Check-up at a special price, depending on gender and age, at Euroclinic Athens
  • Check-up at a special price for children, at Euroclinic Children’s Hospital
  • Digital Mammography at the price of €60 and Breast Ultrasound at the price of €45, at the new state-of-the-art Euroclinic Athens Breast Center
  • 20% discount for dermatological examinations and medical procedures, including IPL Photoepilation, IPL Photodynamic Therapy, Fotofinder Dermoscopy, acne treatment, intracutaneous injections, skin tightening/contouring with a radio frequency device, skin lesions surgery, and skin cosmetic procedures.
  • Visit to the Antismoking Clinic at the special price of €110, including examination by a respiratory medicine specialist, a re-evaluation visit, telephone contact for follow-up, spirometry and flow-volume curve before and after bronchodilation, and chest x-ray (face).
  • Free check-up for children, including a complete blood count, a general urine analysis, cholesterol, pediatric examination.


Heart Triplex
Cardiovascular Examination
Total: €110


Serum Triiodothyronine (T3)
Thyroxine (T4)
Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Thyroid Antibodies
Thyroid U/S
Examination by a Consultant Endocrinologist
Total: €120

Additional Endocrinology Check-up Packages:
PREMATURE ADRENARCHE Package price: €224
HYPERLIPIDEMIA – OBESITY Package price: €250
SHORT STATURE Package price: €250
PREMATURE PUBERTY Package price: €267
DELAYED PUBERTY Package price: €553


Euroclinic Contact Information:


7-9 Athanasiadou Str. & D. Soutsou Str. Tel.: 210 6416600 Fax: 210 6416555

39-41 Lemesou Str. & 209 Acharnon Ave. Tel.: 210 8691900 Fax: 210 8691950


  • 30 free medical visits per year for each cardholder, to registrars of our Hospital.  These shall be scheduled medical visits at the Hospital Outpatient Clinics (Excluding visits to psychiatrists, pediatric ophthalmologists and dentists).  In case of an emergency, that makes  scheduling difficult, the cardholder may contact (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) the Emergency Department that is supported by the following Medical Services: Cardiology, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine and Surgery, as well as the Neurology Department during working days until 21:00 (although they are not scheduled, visits are also free for these particular medical specialties).

  • Pediatric and Pediatric Surgery visits to a registrar of our Hospital by paying a fee of €20.

  • Ophthalmology visits and examinations at a 40% discount.

  • Dental services at a 10% discount.

  • 35% discount for diagnostic and laboratory tests at the outpatient clinics.

  • For MRI, CT, and Heart and Body Triplex, the prices are according to the state price list (published in the Official Government Gazette).

  • 50% discount for visits to Consultants selected by the cardholder.

  • Reduced prices (20% discount) for check-ups offered by our Hospital.

  • 15% discount for physiotherapy.

  • Possibility of participating in the Preventive Gynaecological Screening Programs, specifically:
    • Clinical breast examination (palpation)
    • Breast U/S
    • Pap test – Gynaecological examination
      Especially for cardholders, the screening mentioned above is charged at €30.
    • Clinical breast examination (palpation)
    • Digital Mammography
    • Pap test – Gynaecological examination
      Especially for cardholders, the screening mentioned above is charged at €60.
  • Possibility of participating in the Prostate Screening Program, specifically:
    • P.S.A.
    • FREE P.S.A.
      Especially for cardholders, the screening mentioned above is charged at €60.
  • Dental Check-up Program
    • 1. Dental cleaning
      2. Fluoride treatment
      3. Oral hygiene instructions
      The total cost of the preventive treatment procedures amounts to €80 per person, and to €250 for a four-member family.
  • 10% discount in case of hospitalization.
    Supplies, special supplies, medication and physicians’ fees are not included.
  • Possibility of paying bills in interest-free installments

Metropolitan Hospital Contact Information:

9 Ethnarchou Makariou & 1 El. Venizelou Str. – 18547 N. Faliro. Tel.: 210 48 09 000



Tests available at Euromedical Psychikou:

  • Digital Mammography (30% discount)
  • Digital Mammography and Breast U/S (30% discount)
  • Bone Density Scan (30% discount)
  • Triplex Vascular Imaging (vascular color ultrasound scans) (30% discount)
  • Body Ultrasound Scans (30% discount)
  • Pediatric Ultrasound Scans (20% discount)
  • Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration (30% discount)
  • Breast Biopsy (ultrasound-guided) (30% discount)
  • Hook wire insertion (ultrasound-guided) (30% discount)
  • Breast Fine Needle Aspiration (ultrasound-guided) (30% discount)

Diakentro Diagnostic Center Contact Information:
28 Adrianiou & Veaki Str., 115 25 N. Psychiko 
Tel.: 210 67 70 200 Fax: 210 67 52 540



For more information about the full range of health care services available, please visit one of Citibank branches.


Note: Discounts are not valid in combination with other offers.








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