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What you gain:

For every €50 of purchases with Diners Club Vodafone, you gain €1 discount on the monthly Vodafone access fee. Thus, every month, you can gain up to €40 discount, according to the specific terms of the program. The first €1 of discount per month is guaranteed.


How you get informed:

You will receive a monthly Vodafone bill as well as an SMS message stating the amount of discount.


Advantages offered by this card:

With Diners Club Vodafone, you enjoy all the advantages of a Diners Club card.



Enjoy a 50% discount by trying new tastes.

Win a 50% discount in restaurants that are members of the Dine Diners Club. Have your lunch or dinner with your friends and Diners Club will pay half of your bill. Find out about the restaurants that participate in this programme at 210 92 90 200



A whole new world is waiting for you.

Diners Cosmos Club provides you with complete travel services and gives you the opportunity to enjoy customized travel packages, on favourable payment terms, a number of installments and discounts. Moreover, you can book airline tickets, cruises and package holidays, as well as hotels, and you can hire a car in Greece or abroad at 210 33 33 444.


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Shop & Win - The New Rewards Program by Diners Club.

We welcome Shop & Win, the new rewards program of Diners Club, which has been created so that you can win even more by using your Diners Club card! 

Shop & Win allows you to win even more because:

  • you benefit on a permanent basis, since with every purchase at any store (in Greece and abroad) you make with your card, you accumulate points that equal to 1% of your purchase value
  • the points you collect "are of value" since, by redeeming them when you make your purchases at participating merchants, each point equals 1 Euro (1 point = 1 Euro)

In addition, you may choose between two options of redeeming your points, namely, between purchases at participating merchants and cash back credited to your card statement!



Theatrical privileges for your eyes only.

With the Diners Theatre Club service, Diners card in collaboration with the Helliniki Theamaton is opening its doors to the best theatre performances for all ages. Call the Exclusive Contact Line 210 8938100 today and reserve the best seats at the most popular theatres in Athens, free tickets, free theatre program, easy and timely ticket delivery.


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Now your purchases are more "flexible".

Diners created "Flexibility" Program, which provides you the opportunity to repay in instalments all your transactions, of 300€ and above, performed during your travels abroad as well as in stores within Greece, which currently do not offer the service of instalments regarding these purchases.


Other Advantages

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Also, you can make reservations for flight tickets, cruises and organised trips, as well as hotel reservations and car rentals in Greece or abroad.



Necessary Proving Documents

  • Photocopy of both sides of police ID card
  • A photocopy of a recent taxation return note from the internal revenue department



  • You must be a physical entity
  • You must have an age of 23 years and above



Learn more about Diners cards and apply to receive your own card.

  • Apply online here
  • At a Citibank branch near you
  • By calling 210 8938100








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