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Diners Club Public Advantages


Diners Club Public members enjoy unique privileges and discounts* at all Public stores!

  • 10% discount on all books **
  • Public Giftswithyoursecondpurchasefromthestore, for transactions worth Ä20 and over
  • Interest free installments
  • 10% discountonallproducts ** at al Public stores, two days every year
  • Exclusive offers on all categories of product
  • 50% discountondeliveryexpenses on telephone orders
  • 50% discount on Service (laptop checks, upgrading GPS maps, etc.)
  • Free invitations for cultural events (on the basis of availability and transactions)
  • Exclusiveupdatesonnewproductsand events via e-mail and special offers via SMS

* On the basis of Publicís offers policy at all times

**Excepting products that are already at a discount or on offer









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