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Your wishes become an expression of luxury. With one move of your hand, you can enjoy the most special privileges. It starts out as a thought, just for you and becomes a dazzling night out, an incredible vacation.
Because prestige has now become a... card! The Diners Club Prestige card.
Start dreaming…receive and enjoy the prestige privileges…which only very few can enjoy!


Prestige in entertainment!

This is a unique service that keeps you informed about how to book for cultural and sports events in Greece and abroad. You can buy and send presents or be informed about private clubs & societies, just by a phone call.

Prestige in gastronomy at 15% discount!

You can taste top Greek and international gastronomic creations in the best and most luxurious restaurants in Athens and Thessaloniki at a 15% discount, every day of the week, just by calling the exclusive Prestige communication line.

Prestige in escaping!

Escape to different and unique places! The Diners Club Prestige card offers customized packages, favourable terms of payment, many interest-free installments and discounts through the Diners Cosmos Club.

Prestige in health and beauty at privileged prices!

You can really enjoy good health and feel secure! You can enjoy privileged health services at privileged prices through the Diners Health Club in collaboration with a big diagnostic centre:

  • Free dental care
  • Cosmetic dermatology - beauty at 50% discount
  • Diagnostic tests - Check-Ups at privileged prices

Prestige in investments!

A different treatment of your investments! The best investment consultants of Citibank at your services, offering financial advice that matches your distinguished way of life!

Prestige in communication!

Through an exclusive communication line, our experienced staff responds to your needs 24 hours a day and answers any question you may have regarding your new card! Diners Club Prestige knows how to satisfy your demands even the most special ones.

For more information visit:



Necessary Proving Documents

  • Photocopy of both sides of police ID card
  • A photocopy of a recent taxation return note from the internal revenue department



  • You must be a physical entity
  • You must have an age of 23 years and above



Learn more about Diners cards and apply to receive your own card.

  • Apply online here
  • At a Citibank branch near you
  • By calling 210 8938100







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