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Corporate Diners Club cards
Moreover, with your Diners cards you can

Enjoy many interest-free instalments on your purchases

Enjoy interest-free instalments in more than 30,000 selected businesses throughout Greece.


Choose how to pay your bill

Pay only 3% of your balance each time by taking advantage of the low interest in all your transactions and cash withdrawals.


Be informed about the most advantageous offers on the market

Be informed about the most advantageous offers on the market and enjoy special offers on many interest-free installments exclusively for you, through the magazine, Signature Exclusive, which is out 4 times a month.


Immediate cash, with just a phone call

Transfer cash from your card to your bank account, through the Card Cash program. By simply calling CitiPhone*, you can transfer 1.000€ and up to any amount remaining in your credit card limit to your bank account which you will provide us with and to pay it in 12, 18, 24 or 36 equal monthly amortized payments at a privileged interest rate. The amount of each monthly payment will be included in the minimum payment amount on your card. Thus, for example if you have a credit card limit of 3.000€ and you have made purchases amounting to 1.000€, you can transfer up to 2.000€.
*The submitted applications are approved provided that the terms made by the bank have been satisfied.


Take advantage of the offers in the Diners purchase guides

Every six months you can be informed about the interest-free installments and the offers in selected stores in your area.


Take advantage of the special prices in Diners Health Club

Profit from the favourable rates on your medical appointments and examinations in a big diagnostic centre that collaborates with Diners Club, and from the 24-hour consulting line (210 99 71 700), especially for Diners holders.


Safety in your purchases

Feel safe in your purchases, through the free Shopping Protection service, according to the special terms of the programme. We replace the items that were bought on your card, in case they are stolen or destroyed. This cover is effective for six months as of the purchase date. Moreover, in items with a guarantee, we double the time that you are given by the manufacturer.


Enjoy free additional cards

Give the people that you love all the advantages that a Diners card offers, for free.


Withdraw cash easily

Make cash withdrawals with your card from any Citibank ATM. The maximum withdrawal amount may reach the amount available in your credit limit.


Credit Shield


Whatever may happens, your card will be paid by Citibank, just be participating in the program. 
For more information, please call at


Enjoy Telephone Service 24 hours a day

You can call 210 9290200 24 hours a day for any information on your card.


Replace your card immediately

Replace your card easily and quickly, if you lose it or have it stolen, whether you are in Greece or abroad, just by calling at 210 9290200.


Pay your bill easily

  • At the cash desks of Citibank and the Commercial Bank.
  • Automatic payment and charging on your Citibank account.
  • At Citibank’s transaction centres (ATMS) without your PIN number and in specially protected areas in all Citibank bank offices.
  • At the automatic Payment Centres inside most Citibank bank offices during the working hours, quickly, easily and safely.
  • Through Citiphone Banking, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by calling 210 92 90 200 provided you have an account in Citibank.
  • Through the internet and the service Citibank Online ( provided you have an account in Citibank.

For more information visit:


Citibank Online
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