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Diners Club


Diners Club
Life is full of experiences. Discover it through Diners card.

Diners Club-Vodafone

Your purchases bring
discounts on your mobile.
Earn up to 40€ discount
per month on your Vodafone mobile phone bill.

Diners Club-Unicef
Give the vaccine of life to the children all around the world.

Diners Club Public
Live the good side of life.

Flex Cards
New Flex card.
When the interest rate...
is reduced.


Diners Club-Prestige
It doesn’t get better than this...

Prestige Diners Club-Vodafone

Exclusively to Vodafone subscribers.

Corporate Diners Club Cards

Your most valuable partner.



Learn more about Diners cards and apply to receive your own card.

  • Apply online here
  • At a Citibank branch near you
  • By calling 210 8938100







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