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Programme “Flexibility”


Diners created “Flexibility” Program, which provides you the opportunity to repay in instalments all your transactions, of 300€ and above, performed during your travels abroad as well as in stores within Greece, which currently do not offer the service of instalments regarding these purchases. You simply have to…
  • Perform your purchases of 300€ and above

  • Call us at 210 92 90 200*, at least two days after the transaction and before the issuance of your next statement **

  • Inform us about the transaction or transactions that you wish to include in the program and choose to pay in 6, 12 or 18 monthly instalments.

... and be informed, instantly, about the amount you have to pay every month, taking advantage of the "Flexibility" program low interest rate of 9,5%.

For instance, if you choose to pay a purchase of 500€ in 12 instalments, you will be paying an instalment of just 43.70€ for the next 12 months.

In this way, you can perform your purchases more easily and repay them
in instalments of your choice.

(*) Diners Club Prestige and Diners Club Vodafone cardholders may call at exclusive Diners Club Prestige line: 210 9290222

(**) Your statement is issued every month, almost on the same day. To find out the issuance date, you may refer to any of your previous statements.

Terms of the Programme
1. Eligible to participate in "Flexibility" program are the prime or add-on credit card holders of Diners Club, Diners Club-Vodafone, Diners Club-Unicef and AEK-Diners, as well as the holders of Diners Club Prestige and Prestige Diners Club-Vodafone cards.
2. The programme is not valid for the corporate Diners Club card and the corporate Diners Club-Vodafone card.
3. Only purchases of 300€ and above which were performed within Greece or abroad can participate in the programme.
4. Purchases that have not been confirmed by the merchant storesas well as purchases that have already appeared on the bill at the time of communication with the Bank through phone, cannot participate in the programme.
5. Purchases, which were already performed through instalments, balance transfers and cash withdrawals cannot participate in the programme.
6. The amount of each instalment through "Flexibility" program shall be paid in equal interest bearing monthly instalments, the number of which (between 6, 12 and 18) will be deliberately selected by the client.
7. The amount of each monthly instalment will appear on the Card’s Monthly Statement and will be added to the minimum due amount in full. (In the case of Prestige cards members, the amount of each monthly instalment will be added in full to the new balance)
8. The interest rate is 9,5% and it is valid only for the specific purchase which is being repaid under "Flexibility" Program and will remain fixed until the full repayment of the purchase's amount.
9. In case of delinquency, regarding the repayment of the instalments, the consequences as determined in the general terms and conditions of the card, will apply.
10. The programme is not applicable to delinquent cardholders or to those, which have exceeded their card’s credit limit at the time of their communication with the Bank through phone.
11. If, for any reason, the card is cancelled at the time of the communication with the bank through phone in accordance to the Card's general terms and conditions, the holder is not eligible for the offer.
12. Diners Club is entitled to change the terms of the programme or to revoke it, if there is an important reason.







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