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Corporate Diners Club Cards


Company card Diners Club
Through the company cards that the Diners Club issues, it enables companies of any legal status to provide their executives with the advantages of Diners card.
Moreover, there is better expense control, cash liquidity and safety in the transactions that the company executives conduct.
Each company may issue an unlimited number of cards.

Company card Diners Club-Vodafone
It offers all the advantages of a company Diners Club card, plus that the company can profit up to 113€ per monthly access fee.

More specifically, the company can profit 1€ discount from the Vodafone access fees for every 50€ of purchases that are made with the company card. This discount may apply per bill to the Subscriber Register Number which has to be corporate.

* Precondition: the company must be a Vodafone subscriber.




Enjoy a 50% discount by trying new tastes.

Win a 50% discount in restaurants that are members of the Dine Diners Club. Have your lunch or dinner with your friends and Diners Club will pay half of your bill. Find out about the restaurants that participate in this programme at 210 92 90 200



A whole new world is waiting for you.

Diners Cosmos Club provides you with complete travel services and gives you the opportunity to enjoy customized travel packages, on favourable payment terms, a number of installments and discounts. Moreover, you can book airline tickets, cruises and package holidays, as well as hotels, and you can hire a car in Greece or abroad at 210 33 33 365.




Learn more about Diners cards and apply to receive your own card.

  • At a Citibank branch near you
  • By calling 210 8938100

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