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Enjoy your shopping, get a discount on your mobile phone bill!

We live in the era of technology and mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. So, by using Vodafone Citibank World MasterCard for all your purchases, you can save money because you earn:
  • up to €40 discount per month on your Vodafone mobile monthly fee or
  • up to €40 of free airtime for your Vodafone prepaid mobile.
These benefits are available to all Vodafone contract subscribers or owners of a Vodafone prepaid mobile.

What you gain:

For every €50 of purchases with Vodafone Citibank World MasterCard, you gain €1 discount on the monthly fee or €1 of free airtime for your Vodafone prepaid mobile. Thus, every month, you can gain up to €40 discount, according to the specific terms of the program. The first €1 of discount per month is guaranteed.

See the following example:
Merchant Transaction Amount
Super Market 200€
Gas Station 100€
Pharmacy 100€
Vodafone bill 80€
Total 480€

Based on the above example, by using your card for your daily shopping you gain a discount of €9.6 on your Vodafone monthly fee or additional airtime of equal value, if you have a Vodafone prepaid mobile.

How you get informed:
If you are a Vodafone subscriber, you will receive a monthly Vodafone bill as well as an SMS message stating the amount of discount. If you own a Vodafone prepaid mobile, you will receive an SMS message informing you about the additional airtime you have gained.




In case your card is lost or stolen, please inform us immediately by calling CitiPhone 210 92 90 100, and we shall arrange for the immediate replacement of your card.



Learn more about Citibank cards and supporting documents necessary for issuing and apply for your own card.

  • At a Citibank branch near you or at Vodaphone Shops
  • By calling 801 11 11 6 11







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