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The advantages of Vodafone Citibank MasterCard


Life is more enjoyable without worries, stress and anxiety, and anything that can take these “unpleasant feelings” away, is certainly interesting, especially when it concerns our cards. With a Citibank card, you will feel and be more protected.

Payment of Taxes*
Now, with Vodafone Citibank World MasterCard, you can pay without any delay the amounts you owe for taxes to the Greek State, in up to 6 interest-free installments. Pay now any amount you owe, such as:

  • Temporary Income Tax Surcharge
  • Individual Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • ETAK (Uniform Property Tax) / Voluntary Settlement for Unaudited Tax Years
  • Special Fine by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change (for semi-open spaces)
  • Charge for the Settlement of Unlicensed Buildings
  • Uniform Special Fine for Unlicensed Buildings
*Citibank may terminate or change the service offered, upon notification through its webpage.

Health & Care Program
Take advantage of the privileges offered in cooperation with leading health care providers. Citibank, in cooperation with Biomedicine, Euroclinic, Metropolitan and Euromedical Psychiko, offers you a comprehensive benefits program for a better protection, care and prevention in all health areas. The program offers discount prices and free benefits for a large number of diagnostic tests (such as triplex vascular imaging, mammography, ultrasound, etc.), as well as medical visits and nursing care.



Citibank Online
Citibank Online allows you to manage your finances quickly, easily and safely, through your computer. All you have to do is Sign On to Citibank Online.

Your card statement is just one click away! Citibank Online offers you an easy and safe way to view the e-statement of your card instantly and to access prior statements for the past 12 months.

Citi Mobile
A bank...on the go! Make your transactions through your mobile phone. You only need a mobile phone with access to the Internet. With the Citi Mobile applications that are specially designed for iPhone®, Blackberry® or Android™ devices, you can check your account balances, pay your bills or transfer money and, at the same time, enjoy the best possible user experience!



Citibank Alerts
Nothing moves without you knowing it! You are kept informed about every activity on your credit card through SMS and e-mail messages you receive instantly.

Fraud Early Warning System
If an unusual transaction is noticed on your card, we call you to warn you and prevent any possible fraud.

Credit Shield/Credit Shield Unemployment
This is an optional insurance program for Citibank credit cards which, at a low cost, ensures the repayment of your card, even in unfortunate circumstances, in accordance with the specific terms and conditions of the insurance plan. It provides coverage for loss of life, permanent or temporary total disability, some serious diseases, as well as for unemployment.

Authorization System
When you make a transaction that exceeds a certain amount, merchants are obliged to get an authorization from Citibank.

Secure Code
Online shopping is certainly the most modern way to do your shopping, with just one "click". Now, it’s also the safest way because, thanks to the MasterCard Secure Code service, you can be sure that you are safe, every time you use Vodafone Citibank World MasterCard for online shopping.


  • Interest-free period of approximately 40 days from the date of the transaction to the due date of the card statement.
  • Flexibility in settling the amount of your card statement, with a minimum payment of just 3% of the monthly balance due.
  • Free additional cards for your family.
  • Cash withdrawal at Citibank ÁÔÌs. The maximum amount of withdrawal can reach the credit line available for your card.
  • Telephone service CitiPhone 210 92 90 100.
  • Interest-free installments.


  • At the teller stations of Citibank.
  • Through CitiPhone Banking 210 92 90 100.
  • By direct debit of your bank account with Citibank or Alpha Bank through DIAS Direct Debit service.
  • At Citibank automated teller machines (ΑΤΜs), without your PIN.
  • Through the Internet at using the Citibank Online, and at (National Bank), (Alpha Bank), (Eurobank), (Piraeus Bank), provided you have an account with these banks.
  • With your mobile phone through Citi Mobile, if you have an account with Citibank.
  • Through the Hellenic Post (ELTA), with the Quick Payment form you will find on your card statement.
  • Through Pay by SMS service


  Use your card appropriately for even better security:
  • As soon as you receive your card, sign it on the special space with a ballpoint pen, and do not allow anyone else to use it.
  • Do not forget to get your card back after every transaction. Keep the transaction receipts until you confirm that the debited amounts appearing on your monthly card statement are correct.
  • Check the place where you keep your card regularly so that, if you lose it, you will be able to notice it in time and inform us about the loss.
  • Do not write your personal PIN code on your card. Memorize it, keep it secret and make sure you change it regularly for even better security.
  • If you change your address or contact telephone number, please inform us as soon as possible by calling CitiPhone (210 92 90 100).


  • Use your card wisely and within your financial ability.
  • Make transactions within your credit line so as to avoid the over-limit fee and charging the monthly payment with the amount exceeded.
  • Learn about the reward programs of your card so as to save money.
  • Pay your card statement in time so as to avoid late payment fees.










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