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Your Citibank World MasterCard protects you, wherever you travel!

Citibank World MasterCard, in collaboration with AIG Europe Limited, offers you a range of coverage options, only on condition that you purchase your travel with your card.

Insurance Coverage How you are protected – What you are covered for Reimbursement Limit
Delayed departure Incurred expenses (hotel accommodation, pre-paid excursions, etc) if, due to bad weather, means of transport breakdown or strike which has not been announced, the departure is cancelled or delayed for more than 4 hours. € 300 per occurrence  
Delayed luggage arrival Incurred expenses (buying clothes, personal items, etc), due to delayed luggage arrival at the place of destination for more than 4 hours. € 300 per occurrence
Travel Cancellation/ Curtailment Loss of deposits or financial loss incurred by the insured in case of travel cancellation or curtailment due to illness, injury or death of the insured or a relative of the insured up to the 2nd degree. Cancellation coverage commences 24 hours after the date the travel services for the particular travel are purchased. € 3.000 per occurrence
TRAVEL GUARD ASSISTANCE 24-hour Worldwide Assistance Service TRAVEL GUARD EMEA Limited: +44 1273 565 190, E-mail address:
Loss of life/ Permanent disablement Coverage is provided during cardholder’s and/or his/her family members’ travel, for a total duration of at least 3 days.  Transportation from the point of departure to the place of destination should be by public transport operating on a regular schedule.  Coverage takes effect in case of loss of life and/or permanent disablement due to accident. € 125.000 per person
  If necessary, body repatriation expenses are also reimbursed. € 20.000 per person

To contact the Claims Department, please call AIG at 210 81 27 600.
This service is available free of charge.








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