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Platinum Signature with Chip&PIN Technology.

Your Citibank World MasterCard offers you maximum security in your transactions, by embedding state-of-the-art Chip&PIN technology.
Your personal four-digit number (PIN), which has been used until now for cash withdrawals at bank ATMs, will also be used at the points of sale for all your purchases and transactions.

So, instead of signing the transaction slip, you will have to enter your PIN for the verification of your details.

Useful tips and information about Chip&PIN:

  • In case you don’t remember your PIN or if you enter the wrong PIN during the transaction, you are required to contact the Bank.
  • You may change your PIN at the ATMs of the following Banks: Citibank, National Bank, Alpha Bank and Emporiki Bank.
  • You don’t need your PIN for transactions over the phone or through the Internet.
  • You should never disclose your PIN, even if you are asked to.
  • Always enter your PIN by yourself during the transactions.

How you make a purchase with your card:

  1. You get informed about the purchase value.
  2. Your card is inserted into the POS terminal and you personally enter your PIN, without disclosing it to any third party.
  3. Your PIN does not appear anywhere and it is not printed in any manner whatsoever.
  4. You collect your card, the transaction slip and your receipt.
  5. You don’t need to sign the transaction slip – Your PIN is your signature!









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