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Citibank World MasterCard. One card, a whole new world.

For you, the exceptional customers, Citibank has created an exceptional card. A card that meets your everyday needs.  Citibank World MasterCard brings you benefit from each transaction, big or small, offers you security, global acceptance, as well as exceptional services. A card which is a perfect blend of practicality and fulfills all your wishes, wherever you are.

This is your card and it’s waiting for you to explore it.


This card could only be a MasterCard. Your Platinum Citibank World MasterCard is accepted by more than 33,000,000 merchants, in more than 200 countries worldwide. In this way, your daily life becomes simple, exceptional and unique.

Just like your card.

Citibank World MasterCard Reward Program

Use your new Citibank World MasterCard everywhere and reduce your entertainment and travel expenses.  By making all your purchases with your card, you earn points that correspond to Euros (1 Euro = 1 Platinum point).  Just call Citiphone at 210 92 90 111, and request their redemption*. The Euros corresponding to your earned points will be deducted and they will appear as a Platinum Reward Program refund in your next card statement.

How you earn points with your Citibank World MasterCard:

Step 1
Monthly super market purchases €380
DEI electricity bill €270
Electronic device purchase €420
Monthly gasoline €250
Monthly Nova subscription €60
Purchase of airline tickets €620
Total points earned from daily purchases €2.000

Step 2
Requirement for the redemption of points: One travel (airline tickets, car rental, hotel services, etc) or entertainment services (concert or theatre tickets, dinner at a restaurant, etc) transaction.

Step 3
Call Citiphone at 210 92 90111 two days after the transaction and request the redemption of 2,000 points that correspond to Euros 25.

Step 4
A Platinum Reward Program refund for Euros 25 will appear in your next card statement.

Platinum Reward Program

See the categories and decide when you wish to redeem your points:

Earn Euros Points
€500 25.000
€250 15.000
€170 10.000
€100 6.000
€60 4.000
€25 2.000
€10 1.000

*Basic requirement: Purchase of travel or entertainment services before the redemption of points.

Enjoy VIP privileges with your Citibank World MasterCard when you travel.

Platinum Lifestyle. Enrich your experiences with Citibank World MasterCard!

Platinum Signature with Chip&PIN Technology.

Your Citibank World MasterCard protects you, wherever you travel!

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Learn more about Citibank cards and supporting documents necessary for issuing and apply for your own card.

  • At a Citibank branch near you
  • By calling 801 11 11 6 11







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